Fastlane Entrepreneurship: The Right Product + The Right Distribution with MJ Demarco

Author of the #1 Best-Seller The Millionaire Fastlane, former CEO/Founder of, entrepreneur, blogger, investor, anti-guru, and aspiring screenwriter. – MJ DeMarco

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MJ DeMarcoMJ is the author of the Millionaire Fastlane, a book that is HIGHLY recommended by me and millionaires I interview. We go over what you need for Fastlane Entrepreneurship and how to find the right product and the right distribution. Plus he talks all about his self publishing journey and how he has sold thousands of copies of his book himself.

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21 responses

  • Great interview! MJ is always nice to listen to. Didnt get the video to work on my iphone, youtube video listed as private, dropbox sharing is off due to too much traffic. But the mp3 download worked šŸ™‚

    His forum and book is great!

    Keep up with the interviews Jamie!

    • Thanks for pushing through all the tech issues! New hosting company, libsyn issues plus more created a pain in the butt. But you GOT IT!
      That’s what matters. THanks! Glad you liked it Mats! šŸ™‚

  • I never tired of listening to DeMarco. There’s always a new nuance to pick up and apply.

    His “The Millionaire Fast Lane” book is one of THE most invaluable additions to the discussion of entrepreneurship and value creation in the last 10 years.

    I’m convinced in the next 10-20 years, its legend will grow. I re-read my highlights and personal notes on the book every 3 months, in the last year I’ve read it.

    He’s a voice in the wilderness to heed and I’m thankful to be able to hear and understand better in my own journey.

    Now, that the glowing fan-boy stuff is out of the way….”Cool new look, MJ!” You look like Trent Reznor! ;-P


    • Yes Bruce!! It’s amazing how much of a game changer his book seems to be for so many. Especially because he was relatively unknown, and just pushing through the noise of everything. But I hear it over and over again. And just like MJ said, Right Product makes all the difference!! šŸ™‚

  • Another excellent interview with MJ. Thanks Jaime for asking the questions many of us wanted answers to.

    What’s funny is that I discovered the Eventual Millionaire website when I originally performed my online search for interviews with MJ after reading his book “The Millionaire Fastlane”. I listened to your first podcast with him (interview #3) on February 1 of this year and since then I have listened to or watched all 108 other interviews, so at this point, I guess I’m “all in”! Great and valuable content.

    • No way! You’ve listened to ALL of them! You rock Allen!
      Some really cool ones coming up that I know you’ll like too. šŸ˜‰
      If you ever have suggestions for making things better, you let me know!

  • Jaime, what was the name of the gal (and her company) who you mentioned in this interview that MJ had dinner with? I couldn’t make it out and wanted to learn more about her story!


    • Hi Stephanie, It was Maren Kate of Zirtual.

      Jaime and MJ, Great interview!

      • Thanks Kenric!
        I tried to find out how to get you on from MJ but he didn’t give me any tips!! šŸ˜‰

    • Maren Kate used to run a blog called – she rocks, and has been out to NMX before. šŸ™‚ Some day I’ll have her on the show too!
      Thanks for listening Steph!

  • It’s so good for entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs to hear it’s really all about focusing on the value of your product. There are so many shiny objects and I believe way too many are steered away from their successes by thinking they have to be on top of the latest thing. Substituting making a better, more audience responsive product for better marketing is huge.

    Thanks to MJ for the continued insights and to Jaime for getting to the take-aways so quickly!


  • Hi Jaime,
    I have been a long time reader of your blog. Great succint valuble content for those who aspire to own their own businesses and lives, and I appreciate your efforts to provide it. I returned to your site after a busy few months, and saw new stories have no transcripts. I actually prefer reading, to video or audio, as I can easily move from section to section and save quotes etc. Is the no transcripts aspect to be permanent or just a technical glitch? Just to let you know, I usually am adverse to sitting through full videos and in way of giving you feedback, would saddly stop following your site if this was the case. I am not sure if I am representive of a segment of your audience, but I am just letting you know, in hopes you will restore the transripts aspect. I think people vary in their preferred method of intake of content, Some like video, some audio for cars, gym etc and others like me like reading it, and taking quotes for notes. I actually am a great fan of your blog, and simply want to leave feedback and ask for the transcripts to be revived.

    • Yes! I had to change transcriptionist (my wonderful transcriptionist had to have surgery on her arms, and couldn’t do it anymore!) We are in transition with the new process. They are coming! They will just be a bit late.

      I need all of the transcriptions for the book anyway! So don’t worry, they will all be here! šŸ™‚

      • Great to hear Jamie. If I could type faster, I would be happy to provide the missing transcripts, but I would only make it about 30 seconds before I would have to stop and rewind. šŸ˜‰

        FYI that the Brig Hart transcipt ends about 2/3 of the way through the interview.

        • Haha, love it Allen!
          Just bear with me, and we’ll get them up soon! šŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the Interview MJ and Jaime. I like MJ’s straight forward and no nonsense approach. The interview motivated me and reminded me that it’s a FIVE year plan of very hard work with the end reward being freedom.


  • Great interview, I have MJ’s book on my list of books to read next. I wanted to list to this after hearing his interview on Pat Flynn’s podcast and the first person I interviewed on my podcast also mentioned his book.

  • Great interview Jamie!

    I LOVED MJ’s book when I read it. Like you said above, total game changer. It was nice to have a chance to listen to MJ open up and drop a few more knowledge bombs šŸ™‚ I look forward to making my way through the rest of your interviews. Super happy to have found your site.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

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  • I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and the best part to me was when he discussed scale. Scale is a great way to determine if your business is in the fastlane. He goes on to state to make a million dollars you have to affect a million people.

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