The Art Of Freestyle Living With Fabian Dittrich

Adventurer. Entrepreneur. Speaker – Fabian Dittrich

How to squeeze a daily 8-hour workload into just 3 hours of focused “flow”. Why it pays off doing things you’re not supposed to do. (Apply this to your niche and you got a real winner!) How to tell if something is an amazing opportunity or just a distraction you’ll regret later. Is it possible to achieve goals without planning? (If you’re only slightly competitive you’ll love this!) Save hours out of your day by doing this one thing. – You can sign up to get a notification when his book is out. – Video documentary of adventures of running his company from a Jeep in South America.

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One response

  • I met this guy in a Coworking space in Quito, Ecuador in 2015.

    At the time I was starting a Real Estate company in there, which eventually I fucked up due to this Cotopaxi volcano.

    He told us pretty much the same story in the coworking; I remember he said they were going to make half a million that year (2015), and they were 3 travelers, I guess they did better in 2016 for him to be able to be in show now in 2017.

    I like his philosophy a lot, I hope his write a book about his ideas and experiences, I hate when he quotes Tim Ferris so much.

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