Eyes Wide Open With Isaac Lidsky

Corporate speaker, author and entrepreneur – Isaac Lidsky

Here’s what you’ll learn about Eyes Wide Open:

– How to “become” lucky even if you think you’re not.

– The trick to silencing your inner critic to help you become who you’re meant to be.

– The only definition of success that really matters.

– How to escape the “popcorn” time we live in.

– The difference between choosing with purpose and intention vs. living by reaction and happenstance.

Plus, Isaac shares the amazing story of how he transformed his life.

Tune in and listen: Eyes Wide Open With Isaac Lidsky

Isaac’s Website:

Lidsky.com – Master the reality you create for yourself.

Transcript: Download

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3 responses

  • This was an awesome interview! I’ve recommended it to everyone I know.

  • This was a really great interview. Thank you! Taking away much insight.

  • Really inspiring and has a lot of truth in it. I am more appreciative and eager about my life just from reading the transcript of the interview.

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