The Eventual Millionaire Book

The Eventual Millionaire BookLearn the behind the scenes info on launching the Eventual Millionaire book – like why go through a traditional publisher, how I found my agent (or how he found me!) and how I got Seth Godin to give me an endorsement.

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Thanks so much for listening and watching!


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Hi I’m Jaime. Each and every week I bring you the top business advice from the people who know best.

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2 responses

  • Jaime, having just helped my wife Natalie, through a Kickstarter campaign to launch their book, I’ve been very interested listening to your story.

    All the best for your launch and for the ongoing success of your book. I know it’s going to go exceedingly well for you!

  • I love your interviews. Today I made my very first purchase for kindle your book. Listening to your interview with Srini from Unmistakable creative made me stop my bike ride and add a reminder in my onenote program to buy your book. I am looking forward to reading a few pages everyday. Your podcast and the book provide the guiding light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks AndrewZ San Francisco

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