Laser Coaching Show: Hitting your goals easier, better and faster with Estie Rand

Consultant & Coach, Founder of Strand-Consulting – Estie Rand

Here’s an amazing update from Estie following our coaching session:


This is our second episode of the Laser Coaching show, where I’ll be coaching another 6 figure business owner. I’ve been coaching 6 and 7 figure business owners for over 10 years (with over 5,000 hours of 1 on 1 coaching!).

Today, I’ll be peeling back the curtains and showing you exactly what I tell clients so that you can use the same strategies and tactics in your business.

Estie Rand is a visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, and coach. Estie is the founder of and She helps small business owners & entrepreneurs with a range of business tools to increase profit & productivity.

The 3 things Estie wanted to get out of this coaching session:

  • How to build affordable programs to potential customers who cannot afford her current rate.
  • Understand WHO she is in her business.
  • How she can hit her million-dollar goal this year.

Her #1 problems:

  • Mindset
  • Challenge of risking/letting of her 5-figure months to build the assets for the 6-figure months.
  • Adjusting to her schedule which is now as efficient as it can possibly be- but not as effective šŸ˜‰
  • Podcast not taking off as planned.

Her goals this year:

  • $1M sales, 50% profitability
  • Work-life balance [working 15 hours less per week]
  • Scalable with packages of teachings

Prep work for this session: [here’s what I had her do before our session]

  • Time tracking audit
  • Send me the MAP of her goals for this year and what she wants her business to look like in 5 years.
  • Send me the outline MAP of her funnel and conversion rates

Takeaways and Homework for the Next 3 Months

Q2: $150k

  • Prep for this stuff [many people have their calendars figured out]
    • Recruiting JV’s
    • Setting up affiliate program


  • Pick date on when pieces in place to hand over to your team
    • Finish her new website. Whatever you think the brand piece needs to be done, needs to be finished in April and passed over to PM and team.
  • Figuring out what the pre-launch content is so you can run it in May
  • Prep giveaway – potentially lead magnet for pre-launch
    • Might work out for conferences, if those are your avatar
  • Figure out if you need another admin:
    • How many people it took / questions you had / better processes to be more efficient


  • Conference #1
  • Prep for launch


  • Launch & Onboarding
  • Figure out how many spots you can support for the $4,700 upgrade VIP
  • Marketing plan tweaks we can do afterward.

Q3: $200k

  • Recruiting JV’s
  • Setting up affiliate program
  • July – Aug – smooze a little more and prep for Oct launch

Q4: $200k

  • Launch

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