Emotional Intelligence + Connection in Business with Joe Hudson

Joe Hudson is a master coach and facilitator who also spearheaded the first Venture Capital firm to focus on Sustainable Agriculture and was the largest investor in the first Sustainable Agriculture IPO on NASDAQ. Joe is committed to a life of self-exploration across dozens of psychological, neurological, and spiritual traditions. He is passionate about sharing the gifts of this exploration with others.

“People make emotional decisions. To say, ‘I’m not bringing emotions into business,’ is like saying, ‘I’m not gonna bring the biggest tool that I have to influence decisions into my business.’” – Joe Hudson

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in business in creating a deep-level connection in all relationships
  • Tips in creating the best company culture and team for your business
  • Why vulnerability is needed in building great relationships
  • How emotions influence decision making
  • What is more important on decision making – your intuition or your data
  • Tips and tools on how to manage and sort your emotions in decision making
  • How to stay unattached with your goals (And how an enlightened person has goals)

Website and Resources:

Connection Course (Promo Code: EM – For a 10% discount on any purchase of his courses.)
The Life In VIEW Podcast
The Art of Accomplishment Podcast

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