Don’t Be So Cheap That?

Years ago when my husband and I had our first apartment, I had no idea about what it took to live on my own. I didn’t know about insurance or anything I just knew that we were somewhat broke and we didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

I used to keep the heat off in the bedroom to save on costs, and had a little tiny space heater. We went to bed one night that was particularly cold and didn’t think much about it.

That is until around 1am when I heard a weird popping sound. I looked up and saw the ceiling open up and water rushing towards my face. Freezing cold water soaked the bed. The pipes had burst! Since I didn’t know much about pipes or water I had no idea what to do.

I watched in horror for a few minutes, and then realized that there was so much water the bedroom floor would soon be flooded too.

Matt and I climbed under the bed in freezing water to get out the three guitars that were there. We tried moving our computers out as soon as possible too. All the while the water was still rushing.

Since it was an apartment we had no idea where the valves were to shut off the water. We couldn’t get a hold of the landlord. The only thing we could do was call the fire station up the street.

I felt like an idiot in my PJs soaked to the bone having the fireman go in and out of the house looking for the valve shut off. In the end they found the valve turned it off and helped us move the big furniture out of the room so it didn’t get any more wet.

I write this post to give you two lessons:

First, don’t be so cheap that your pipes burst!

Second, expect the unexpected. Get renters insurance and figure out where the shut off valve is before anything happens.

And for those of you that live in warmer climates… I’m jealous!

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2 responses

  • I once rented a guest house which, unknown to me, had its own water heater hidden in a sealed compartment under the kitchen counter (near but not directly under the sink, I had no idea what was hidden there.

    The owners, who originally lived on the property, sold it to a landlord who similarly didn’t know about the hidden water heater.

    One day it rusted out and water water everywhere – since the water ran out as soon as it came in, the water heater assumed it needed more water coming in so the flow never stopped – and no idea where the water valve was. Had to call the water department which came out and shut off the water at the curb. Which also shut off water to the other house on the property.

    No real damage but a colossal pain all around.

  • Well, this pipe bursting problem is very much common in most of the houses. The usage of ordinary elements in the pipe makes the life of pipe smaller. So, while installing pipes you must use quality material and quality plumbing service.

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