Does Money Grow on Trees.. Really?

All my life I have been fascinated with money. I remember one day when I was about six years old my father told me, “Money doesn’t grow on trees?”. After I thought about it, in my six-year-old?mind I decided that it should. (plus paper is made from trees so doesn’t money grow on trees?)

I went outside, found a nice small tree and told everyone that it was my money tree. I took care of it. I made anyone that wanted to ‘buy; anything from me had to use the leaves from that tree. All of my friends had to use those leaves, and I was the keeper of the tree. I was now rich!

Isn’t that sort of how money works? You grow your wealth, and essentially that is your money tree. You become the keeper of that money tree, and if you nourish it and stay ahead of it’s needs, it will keep growing.

Everyone starts with a seed. This seed has the potential of growing in to a huge money tree. But what happens if you don’t plant it in the soil? What happens if you don’t know how to take care of it and nurture it?

The seed is you. You have the potential to be a millionaire. How do I know that? Because millionaire’s exist from all walks of life. Rich or poor, genius or not, you have the potential to become a millionaire.

The soil is your foundation. Your foundation is your attitude, how determined you are to reach your goal, and your mindset during the journey. If it’s acidic, your plant will not grow easily.

The water is your money. You must go out and find water. You can either collect a few droplets of rain at a time, you can search for a river, or you can even dig your own well! Either way it can all add up to a healthy money tree. If you drink all of your water (spend your money!) then your tree won’t grow.

The sunshine is your knowledge. There should be a constant stream of light on your tree. Learning from our mistakes, and from mentors will provide the light to keep going. There will be cloudy days, but the sun rises every day and if you stick with it you will learn heaps.

Trees take time to grow, and so does money. Nuturing it every day and giving the care it deserves will make you rich.

How is your money tree growing? Is it lacking water, soil or sunshine?

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11 responses

  • My money tree is lacking… time šŸ™‚ Let’s hope that it gets plenty of sunshine, enough water, and that the soil is fertile!
    .-= Kevin@InvestItWisely´s last blog ..Why Should I Buy a Used Car? =-.

  • Time is such an important factor! I was just talking to someone the other day about the word ‘time management’.. well we actually can’t manage time (I wish we could!) We can only manage what we focus on during that time.

    Good luck with your money tree! I’m actually glad being good at gardening doesn’t count with money… I have a black thumb! šŸ™‚

  • Our money tree is growing consistently. It took a few years to get everthing to coincide, but it’s going well now.

  • Great motivation post! I am trying to plant numerous trees at the moment. I have a small tree planted the left of my screened in porch, another one is next to my driveway, and the other is right next to my back doorstep.

    Ok but really I am trying to diversify my income streams. Generating passive income from multiple sources. The analogy you provided was excellent, something I feel like you would hear from a motivation speaker! Living in a van…down by the rivverrr!!!!!

    • Thanks! I like your analogy, three trees. Diversifying your income streams is key. I like to read and even Pat who makes great money online already works on multiple streams.

      That way if we kill one tree, we have two others! šŸ˜‰

  • Jaime, a powerful visual of how everything begins with a seed. As Earl Nightingale says in “The Strangest Secret”, if you plant nightshade (a deadly poison) you get nightshade, if you plan corn you get corn. Thanks for being a sower of good seeds

  • best wishes jaime

  • I wish money sid grow on trees.

  • Money is merely energy .

    It is everywhere and in everything as energy infinitely and abundantly is and always has been.
    Money clearly and evidently grows on trees too.
    It grows everywhere with the aid of water, sunshine love and nurturing as most plants and creatures do.
    Money is no different to animals trees rocks. .

    It only our distorted perception that make it so .

  • American ‘paper’ Money is actually made from cotton.

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