Does Goal Setting Actually Work for Millionaires? With Michael Hyatt

Author of the New York Times bestseller, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World – Michael Hyatt

Michael HyattI want you to have your best year yet. But HOW? Michael Hyatt comes back on the show to give us insider information on how he sets goals, and if they always work for him or not. Plus step by step how to create your goals this year and why your brain and your thoughts will determine your year! Don’t miss out on your best year ever!

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35 responses

  • hello jaime, my goal for 2014 is to install working out as a – how michael calls it – push-goal to boost all other activities.
    and thanks for your always inspiring podcast. you mostly pick your interviewees brains on the parts that interest me most šŸ˜‰
    frank (from germany)

  • was there a garage opening and closing here
    while you were talking
    just want to check my hearing
    good conversation
    this guy is smart and rich

    • Annoying noise huh? It’s an elevator! I’m at my mentors office.. since we sold our house (and my office!) that’s all I could do. Sorry! It’s on one other interview and that’s it thankfully!

  • Hi Jamie,

    thanks for the interview. My goals in 2014 is to have a more rounded goal. While in the past, as an entrepreneur, with too much focus on business related goals, I trying to have a slightly different focus this time. To focus not on things that are important like physical, health, spiritual, but things that make me happy and worthwhile in the bigger scheme of things in the long run.

  • The best thing I received from the Michael Hyatt interview is to KEEP YOUR GOAL VISIBLE.

    Back in the old days I would write my goals in my journal, then several months later forget about them.

    Now I type them on an 8 1/2 sheet of paper and post them on my wall in front of my computer screen.

    BIG DIFFERENCE (so far)

  • Courage to connect and create to get results…big challenge!

    Love from Spain to you Jaime šŸ™‚

  • Hi Jaime,

    Well my goal for 2014 is to start the walk to financial freedom. More specifically, I want to have an online business making 1k montly. I know it sounds kinda easy at your level, but for me will be a huge step!

    Thanks for all the inspiring content!
    Take care!

  • Awesome interview! Michael hit upon what one of my priority goals for 2014 is: Bettering myself personally to bring a big impact on my other 2 priority goals. I have established SMART actions for this year to hit my goal!

    Thank You Jaime for your time and energy with this site and the interviews. They have proven to be a valuable resource for my professional growth.

  • Great interview and excellent final advice from Michael. I will be working on making my goals visible and (re)implement the weekly review. Have done weekly reviews before, but it slipped and will now re-implement it. Making the goals visible will be either on the office wall or in Evernote, maybe even both.

  • Jaime…

    I enjoyed the interview.

    As to the dark side…I have been known to use planning/goal setting as a tool of procrastination. Make sure your planning is useful and not just avoidance.

    Thanks, Bliss

  • I loved Michaels words of wisdom. I often get down on my self about where I am in my life. I am a mom of two,work part-time so I can home for my kids. Inside I feel…could have a have a higher paying career thus take more have family vacations. But as Michael said to enjoy the season of life you are in. I want to take the goal setting course to have the best year ever in 2014. ready to set my family & I on a differnt course in life. I have the vechicle to get me there. I just need the key ie…Michael Hyatt’s course to get me there. Hope your move went smoothly to Austin, TX. My favorite place. Thank you for a great interview. Here is to your success in your upcoming book.


  • One thing that would make this year my best year ever is something I have chosen to experiment with already, in these few days of the new year: to do something new and different each day. It can be something small, like sitting at a different table at the cafe I write from (or trying a new cafe)…or something big (like reaching out to collaborate with a peer I hadn’t yet worked with or trying a new fun place with my kids).

    What I am finding already is that choosing to do something different feels exciting, opens the door to possibility..changing my internal energy and really enlivening the space I am in. It’s a wonderful energy to manifest and create with. And becoming familiar with the feel of change will also allow me to step into new spaces, with joy and delight (instead of fear) as my business expands.

  • Jamie,

    Great interview! Really enjoyed listening. You asked what success would look like for me for this year. Success will be launching my podcast and making it successful, which means creating great content everyone get value out of and sticking to a regular rhythm of publishing my podcast. That will be success for me.

    Jamie, I recently started listing to you after NMX and really enjoy it!


  • Just one thing – seeing my illustration career take off. I feel like I’m floundering, not sure if I’m trying too hard to do too much or if I’m doing too little of everything.

  • My number one goal is to pull my head out and concentrate on taking action.

  • What a Great interview, Jaime! I listen to Michael Hyatt’s podcasts every week and I also get your interviews via email. I absolutely love both of you for y’all dedication, passion to help others and hunger for knowledge. I know 2014 will be a great year for you and Michael. Have fun on your Disney cruise!

  • My big goal for 2014 is to have a business that can support me enough so I can quit my job. Then I can spend more time with my soon to be first child!

  • Hi Jaime,
    after listening to another great interview from you my goal setting for 2014 starts right now with creating a VISION BOARD of all the things I want to achieve and want to have.
    Printing out some pictures or stuff I want to have, achieve or travel to.

    Hope you and all your listeners have a WONDER-ful New Year 2014!


  • Summer Autumn Winter Spring – Having being raised on a farm I understand the harvest is in a different time of the sowing. I also know that the seed sown will produce what the seed was designed to do. Its a matter of germination and care once it begins its journey to harvest time. This year 2014 will be our best year ever because we expect a great harvest by faith and by taking the right action. Great insights from 2 great people Jaime and Michael.
    Happy New Year Chris

  • Hi Jaime, this is a great interview with quality actionable content. My biggest 2014 goal is to double my current (day job) income through my real estate note investment firm and be able to leave the rat race for good!

    • Woo! Can’t wait to see you leave your job for good! (best thing I ever did!! I write this while I’m working on a cruise ship in the bahamas! hah, no having only 3 weeks vacation for me!)

  • Hi Jaime,

    I have to say that this was a great episode with Michael Hyatt. You two ROCK! Lot’s of golden nuggets of personal development tips to apply in my life. I would have loved to have met you at NMX. Oh, well. Have a wonderful week!

    Stacie Walker
    Woman in Leadership Founder

  • My goal is to retire at the end of this school year and I’m making it happen too!

  • Wow! What a great interview! I’ve heard several of Michael’s interviews over the last couple weeks but you were able to pull out a few nuggets I’d not heard elsewhere.

    One of my goals for this year is to establish a business that is generating at least $4k per month in revenue by the end of 2014.

  • Hi Jamie,
    Here’s a list of some of my 2014 goals:

    2014 Goals:
    – Get my weight under 199lbs, currently at 230lbs
    – Start selling products on Amazon, as a side business, to increase my income
    – Take a week vacation somewhere sunny (Mexico or Cuba) by the end of February with my wife, 4 year old and 18 month old
    – Continue to be the best Dad I can to both of my son’s
    – Support my Wife in her goals
    – Pay off any credit card debt

    Hmm, there’s more … but I think this is a good start!!

    Thanks for the great interview with Michael. I never heard about him before, but am suddenly a big fan of his now.

    Thanks Jamie, Best of Success in 2014

    Blaine (from very cold Toronto, Canada!)

  • For me, 2014 is all about being open to all the amazing possibilities the world has to offer! Really great interview, btw. Michael Hyatt wasn’t even on my radar, but after this interview I will make sure to check-in now and then on what he’s up to. He made so many mature and wise comments. Thanks for hosting him on your show. And good luck with the move- Austin really is an amazing place!

  • I don’t need to set a goal to have the best year ever in 2014…my daughter turns 2 this year so how can it be anything but?

    I do have some goals, though. For example, I’ve got a SaaS that I want to create because it would be useful to me and I’m pretty sure it’ll be useful to others as well. So, that’s the first quarter project.

  • Hi Jaime!

    I really enjoyed Michael Hyatt’s interview….very inspiring! My goals for 2014 are to write my goals down on paper and accomplish these goals that I have always wanted to achieve in my lifetime for this year as my “Bucket List of 2014”!

  • Such great advice! I’ve found that actually writing down goals, long term and weekly, and keeping them visible keeps me on task, as well as keeping the flame aglow for the project. God bless the inventor of the whiteboard! It seems to make it REAL when written out and visible…and out of my head! It gives your dreams wings!

    My goal for 2014 is to launch a networking organization for women musicians to promote community, awareness of the excellence of women musicianship and be a catalyst for change in media bias. Goal setting, using outside sources of inspiration such as your podcasts and taking action moves the ball down the field indeed šŸ™‚ Thank you Jaime for a great podcast with Mr. Hyatt. Cheers to meeting and surpassing your 2014 goals!

  • Thanks Jamie and Michael.
    My husband and I are huge fans of both of you!!

    My goal to make this the best year ever would be to successfully launch my new podcast A Mom in The Making and get to 10,000 unique visitors for my blog

    I would love to win!! We’ve contemplated taking both your course and Michael’s but we have to get out of debt first šŸ™ Winning would be a dream come true! (I’m realizing I might be too late for the contest…but I’m inspired anyway!)

    Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  • Thanks for all your work on EM. Have the book on my iPad and plan to dig in over break next week.

    Excellent interview with Michael. My wife heard him speak and steered me over here to check out your show.

    Thanks again,


    • Awesome! THANKS!! šŸ™‚

  • Really enjoyed this interview and the personal stuff that came out.

  • Great podcast as usual. My personal goal for this year is to complete ‘ALL’ of my goals. I seek to be a person that helps others gain from my victories and failures. To fulfill my responsibilities to be the best I can possibly be and contribute to this society.

    Thank you for this site,

  • Great interview! Very inspiring. I’m now going to work on making my goals visible. Thank you Jaime for this wonderful interview.

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