Do You Need Achievement?

I have a scheduled session with my coach on Monday mornings. They really start my week off right. Returning to work after having 4 days off this weekend, I was scattered and not sure what to do next.

I was discussing different ideas about what comes next for my business. My coach, Kurk, graciously asked if he could tell me a story.

Have you ever really wanted an ice cream cone? You see it, and you figure out a way to get it. Finally you have it in your hands. You look up and see a different treat. You decide that you want that, and you start ?to figure out how to get that.

Did you notice something? You never even licked the ice cream in your hand.

I know! And I know I’m not the only one who does this since I have clients who do this too. I thought it was funny listening to the story because, I KNOW! I tell stories like this to my clients. Even a coach can get stuck in their own head and not be able to see what is really happening.

The need for achievement is important to me. It’s like a program that constantly runs in the background.

Wikipedia says this about the Need for Achievement:

People high in N-Ach are characterized by a tendency to seek challenges and a high degree of independence. Their most satisfying reward is the recognition of their achievements. Sources of high N-Ach include:

  1. Parents who encouraged independence in childhood
  2. Praise and rewards for success
  3. Association of achievement with positive feelings
  4. Association of achievement with one’s own competence and effort, not luck
  5. A desires to be effective of challenged

Does this sound like you? Is achievement a need for you too?

The need for achievement has probably earned you a lot of accolades and success stories. But sometimes we need to let go of our need for achievement because it can never be fulfilled. There will always be the next big thing on the horizon.

You will constantly push?and push and find that no matter how big the accomplishment your need for achievement will not end. It’s great to have a goal to become a millionaire, but at the end of the day, it’s just numbers in a bank. The need for achievement will still be there.

Tips to Override the Need of Achievement:

  • Relax. Keep working the plan you already started and don’t worry about the next steps.
  • Realize that you have an amazing history. If you are like me?and love to achieve, you have an amazing history. You already have accomplished great things. Looking forward you will most likely achieve more great things. So let go of the constant PUSHING and let things flow.
  • Enjoy where you are. You have  already achieved so much. You have a lot to be thankful for. So enjoy it. Think of your life story, and be thankful for the person you are today.

Around Thanksgiving, we start to realize more how grateful we are for everything we have. One way to demonstrate how grateful we are is to stop pursuing so hard. There is no need to overtake or capture achievement. Just relax. Realize that you have an amazing history, and enjoy where you are.

Keep working and creating amazing things, but stop pursuing that next achievement rush.

These tips are for me as much as they are for you. 🙂

Do you have any other suggestions to override the need of achievement?

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2 responses

  • Thanks for the great post. I am one of those who comes from a long line of overachievers. In fact, my parents and brother are still like that and it often causes them a lot of stress and turmoil. I still work hard at being the best I can be but I have realized that I have done well already. I know that I have accomplished some great things and knowing this is what keeps me focused but still calm. I wish my family could get to this point and realize all the good they have done up to now.

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