Do The Tough Things First With Ray Zinn

Inventor, entrepreneur and published author – Ray Zinn

Discover why Ray thinks stress & anxiety are muscles you need to build up just like you’d prepare for a marathon. A simple way to cut through your resistance to make yourself do the things you don’t like doing and how Ray increased his daily efficiency by 20% with this simple method. How to use stress as a motivator to achieve impossible things and how to prevent stressing yourself more than you can handle.

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3 responses

  • I never knew anyone who takes more risks than I do, but I will not be able to say that because Mr. Zinn took bigger risk than I ever did. Hats off to Ray Zinn for putting his neck on the line, all the time.

  • Thanks for interviewing Ray Jamie. Tough things first šŸ™‚

  • Jaime
    You da bomb
    I really appreciate your natural and unpretentiousness interviewing style. Great questions, great energy, and of course he’s a great speaker. Thanks!

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