Disrupting the business model of the book publishing industry with Milli Brown

From New York Times bestsellers to Pulitzer Prize candidates, Milli Brown empowers authors as the founder and CEO of the First Hybrid Publisher™. Milli pioneered a New Era in Publishing® by building BBPG as a fiercely independent, full-service publishing house with an author-first ethos.

During her unprecedented career, Milli invented a new hybrid business model for publishing, flipped the traditional model to being author-centric, and mans the helm of the only publisher on Publisher’s Weekly’s fastest-growing indie publishers list for 3 years in a row. Milli was told by everyone in the industry that her model just “wasn’t how it is done,” and has since proven critics wrong with each bestseller and award-winner published by Brown Books.

“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. Ultimately, the best way to predict the future is to create it—and that’s what we do as entrepreneurs.” – Milli Brown

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn how Milli know that the traditional business model of the book publishing industry was on its final leg
  • Learn Milli’s journey as an original disruptor in the book publishing industry
  • Marketing tips on book publishing that is appropriate for today’s industry
  • What is a typical length of a book sale marketing plan
  • KPIs to pay attention to on book sales
  • How to build up a network on a right clientele



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