You deserve a pat on the back for making it this far. Most people who signed up didn?t ? completing each day?s challenge makes you the exception.


Completing this week-long challenge is a huge differentiator: not only does it mean that you?ve made serious progress on your business, but it also means that you are able to commit to your goals and carry through. Commitment and carry through are big factors in how successful a person can be.


Did you notice how easy it was to focus this week?

How having a clear goal with specific actions makes it much easier to get your most important tasks done? As you?re finishing up, reflect on this process and how you can repeat it.


You can make that feeling last all year round by focusing on your business. Break down the work you need to do into clear goals with specific actions, and then get to work. Be consistent about this approach:

Consistency is the key to seeing long-term growth in your business.

Following Up from The Challenge


As we?re winding down from the challenge, I want you to look at how the week went for you.


Answer these questions:


  • What worked really well for you in this challenge? What were your wins?
  • How did you measure your success? Did you earn a specific amount of money during the challenge? Or did you use any other metrics?
  • What didn?t work for you during this challenge? What were your struggles?

Send me an email with the answers to?the questions above ?? ? I want to hear them!