The Giant Resource List

Businesses come in a million different varieties: talking about the difference between service-based businesses and product-based businesses doesn?t come close to helping narrow down what you?re working on right now. Trying to list every business model is close to impossible ? listing out the best marketing tactics for each type of business is just too hard.

Honestly, even if I could figure out how to write out all of that information, I still wouldn?t do it. Those sorts of lists won?t help you decide what will work in your business. Generalized marketing advice will give you some ideas, but you won?t know what will actually work in your exact circumstances until you start testing individual strategies.

No business is ever exactly the same. Even if one coach converted a huge number of prospects she found through Facebook ads, the next coach may not ? differences in audiences and even timing can dramatically change the results each business gets with the same strategy.

It’s important to set aside the time necessary to run tests on your business and to really level up.

If you choose just a few methods to work on at a time and you run the tests necessary to decide which tactics make sense for your business, you?ll be able to find the handful which will dramatically change your business.

THEN you can focus on leveling up with those methods.

Since I can?t write an article on every single marketing method you should know about, I?ve curated a huge resource list for you.

Every resource on this list is from people who I trust.

I?m not going to direct you to anyone who hasn?t done the work themselves in marketing their own businesses. There are plenty of people online who regurgitate information as if it was their own and I don?t want you to waste any time trying to figure out who knows what they?re talking about.

This list will put exactly the right resources at your?fingertips.


The Giant Resources List?(Right Click > Save As)

Action Items:

  • Choose ONE marketing tactic to test today.
  • Keep working on the actions you already KNOW will bring you more prospects and leads and sales while you are testing something new!


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