Who are you selling to?

Where do they exist?

And how do you get more of them?

Now that you have your goal with the $1,000 challenge – you should know how many leads and prospects you need to hit your goal. (if you don?t, use the formula on this page to?do that now!)

Ideally we want to ask your current customers where they hang out. Are they in any specific facebook groups? Do they read specific blogs that you could get a guest post on?

Each businesses customers are different, so you need to TEST in order to figure out where your specific prospects will be.

The question to start asking yourself:?

How do I get 100 leads this week? (or however many leads you need!)



First things first: Why do people care about you?

Think of the first time you meet someone in person that is your ideal customer- how can you help them the best?

That should be your initial value that you give them – and if we can turn that into an automated lead magnet then it?ll be even better.


Leverage Your Current Assets

If you already have a website or social presence let?s try to convert more people to your next step.

GO ALL in. We tend to do things halfway. Instead of going all about it.



  1. Your own personal facebook network:

We have so many friends! Write a post like this:

?I?m doing a challenge this week – and I?m trying to help as many people in my business as humanly possible in the next 7 days. If you know me and my work, do you have anyone that you know that you could intro me to? And if you don?t know what I do – private msg me and I?ll let you know!?

Here?s an example of similar type post from Michelle Van Otten:


Example-Michelle Van Otten


  1. Leverage the traffic that you already have by closing all the holes on your site with opt-ins.


You?ve worked hard to build the traffic to your site. Did you know that only 2-4% of your website traffic will convert on their first interaction with your business? This is why we need to have as many opportunities to convert them in place as possible!

Consider installing one of these style opt-ins: ?
  • An exit pop-up: An exit popup is a message that displays to users as they are attempting to navigate away from your site. The most common use for an exit pop is to show a message explaining why users shouldn’t leave the site. See an example of an exit pop I’m using for this challenge right now!
  • A hello bar: a ?Hello Bar? helps you improve the effectiveness of your website by showing the right message at the right time to your website visitors. Here’s an example of a Hello Bar from Leadpages.
  • Add content upgrades or opt-ins at the end your blog posts (or top trafficked posts): A content upgrade is simply bonus content that people can get access to in exchange for their email address. Unlike traditional ?site-wide? lead magnets, however, content upgrades are unique to the specific content that people are already reading or listening to on your site. Example from Digital Marketer.?
  • Add opt-ins on your About Page: Did you know your about page is one of the most popular pages on your site? Make sure you have an opt-in there! See this in action for Derek Halpern at Social Triggers.
  • Slide-up opt-in: a slide up is a timed opt-in that slides up once a user has scrolled to a specific point on the page or is a timed. My slide-up opt-in.
  • Turn your 404 Page into an Opt-in: see an example of mine here.


There are many tools you can use to build a lead magnet.

  • Sumome: Sumome is a suite of simple tools used to build email lists, social shares, insights and more. (free options)
  • Leadpages: has a monthly fee but can also be used to build opt-in pages, and other site features.
  • Thrive Leads: another tool similar to SumoMe but has more split testing options.
  1. Ask people on your social media follow to SIGN up for the list.

We don?t do this enough. Set up an automatic tweet, FB or Instagram posting to send people to your lead magnet at a few times per week! We want to make sure if one of those platforms go away, we have another way to reach out to them (that you OWN).

Tools: Buffer, Hootsuite.

  1. List Swap.

If you have friends in the same niche – especially if you have similar audience sizes – ask to do a list swap. It helps you both!

I got this idea from a consulting call I had with Neil Patel. I asked him how to grow my email list as fast as possible. He told me guest posts and list swaps.

It?s not actually selling anything. It?s giving away someone else’s lead magnet on your email list. So people that are interested will click and opt in to their list. And then you get an email sent out with your lead magnet too.

Its a win win for everyone.

You can also offer to do a webinar for someone influential and NOT pitch. It?s just value given – and if your content is amazing it might be easier to have them say yes. Especially if you give away a ton of amazing content and have testimonials that back everything up that you say.




Because it can take a long time to get it right if you haven?t started in it already, plus a lot of money too! I?m not saying don?t try it ever, I?m just saying there are shorter term ways to leverage what you already have this week.



Networking Events

Are there any networking events you can go to this week?

I know a lot of people want to do online instead. I agree you can meet MORE people in a shorter time if you go only online. But the ?know, like, and trust? factor is not as high online as when you meet someone in person.

How many people are legitimate spammers that you meet at a networking event? Not nearly as many as people trying to hit you up online. Plus they can get a feel for you. Asking for a sales appointment after being online is easier than asking one after a quick FB interaction in a group.

List to find potential events in your area:

Meetup.com – Meetup.com?s main purpose is to facilitate offline gatherins of individuals who have met online. You can use meetup.com to organize gatherings yourself or find gatherings in your area where you can network.

Also, check out Eventbright!



Action Items:

– Take ONE of these methods and do it today.

– If you have time, take ANOTHER one of these methods and do it today.



Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 3 and be sure and catch up with us to share Big Money Wins in our Private 1K in 7 Days Facebook group!