Rewiring and Reorganizing your Mindset – with David Bayer

Personal development coach, business strategist, creator of The Powerful Living Experience and author of the book Mind Hack – David Bayer

David Bayer is a entrepreneur, speaker, writer, seminar leader, certified personal development coach and transformational teacher. He is the Creator of The Powerful Living Experience and The Higher Power System. He also serves as CEO of, the leading online business directory and blog for small businesses.

Throughout his career David has worked with a variety of clients including FedEx, Washington Mutual, MBNA, Office Depot, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, CompUSA, Vistaprint, iContact and to name a few. In 2014, David launched the Powerful Living Experience, a program that transforms the lives of individuals and organizations through David’s unique processes and beliefs-based methodologies.

What you will learn from David Bayer:

  • The difference between personal development and transformation
  • Modes that people can start using in personal development and transformation
  • Understanding the two states of being
  • How to rewire and reorganize your mindset

David’s Websites:

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  • Really helpful article. This might surely help people to get motivated for sure as these do help us to understand the different perspectives of businesses and how to handle as well.

  • Hello I have tried to download the book several times and it doesn’t come through.

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