David Hirschkop – Taking over the Press with Insanity Hot Sauce

Founder of Dave’s Gourmet – David Hirschkop

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featured_interview_david hirschkopDave started with his first hot sauce as a joke. Then he started being known for it.

Learn how he gained countless press mentions with wacky ideas like presidential hot sauce, and adjustable heat sauce in a crowded market!

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Go to davesgourmet.com for more info!

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8 responses

  • That is an amazing story. I really liked the piece to keep doing your “job” until your “hobby” gets too big. It is so inspirational to hear how David made it in business. Thanks Jaime!!

    • I know! David has a great story. I especially loved that the idea was from playing a joke on drunk people šŸ™‚

  • Jaime, I just joined your list so this is the first “official” interview that I have been sent. I absolutely enjoyed it so much. So many golden nuggets shared by David. For some reason, I could picture him as a guest on Shark Tank if it had been a show 20 years ago. His energy is contagious! His story is inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Awesome Kellie! Glad we hit it right out of the gate for you šŸ™‚ I appreciate you letting me know you liked it too!

  • I really love the interview. I like the fact that he said that just because you get on the big time shows or publications like the “New York Times, Oprah, The Washington Post, etc. doesn’t mean that it will translate into customers.
    Honestly, if you build your business slowly and have a track record, then being on those publications will be more meaningful.
    Adding on to this, if your are featured on a niche publication, then it will translate more and the bigger publications will find you.

    • Exactly! I just went to a conference and heard the same statements echoed by two other speakers there too. Press for press sake isn’t worth it! And sometimes it turns into nothing. Ah well!

  • Faxes and the world wide web…
    I am a hot sauce addict so this was a fun episode. I have had some of the different flavors and enjoyed them.
    Good progression and seeing how the restaurant did not work and such.
    Thank you David and Jaime.

    • Isn’t it interesting when you get to see the owner of a product that you have bought before? I love that, and hearing the story that took to get it to your (in this case) plate! šŸ™‚

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