Dan Miller: 48 Days to the Work You Love

Author, Speaker, Coach, and President of 48 Days LLC – Dan Miller

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Dan MillerDan’s book was a HUGE help to me when trying to find work I actually enjoyed. It was an honor to interview him! Learn how he sold millions of dollars worth of his information, and what he suggests to help you find work you love too.

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Check out 48days.com and 48days.net.

Thanks so much for listening!


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25 responses

  • I absolutely love Dan & his podcast! He really is a genuine guy & I believe that’s why he’s so successful. Thanks to you, Jamie, for these awesome interviews!


    • You are so very welcome Diana. šŸ™‚

  • Excuse my typo, *Jaime šŸ™‚

  • Looking forward to listening to this! I did a podcast with Dan just a couple of weeks ago, such an awesome guy!

    Thanks Jaime for having him on!

    • Awesome, he was a great interviewee don’t you think? šŸ™‚

  • Great interview, Jamie! Thanks for hosting it.

    Dan Miller is the real deal on this topic. He is the master at positively leveraging his writing to impact people and develop multiple streams of income.

  • I?ve listened to a lot of interview with Dan over the year, and this one might have been one of the best. Thanks for sharing Jaime. The one thing that amazes me about Dan is how after all his success he is still trying and willing to learn new things and improve his life. My hope is I am as hungry to learn as Dan is throughout my life.

  • Awesome interview. Now, I’m aiming to make that transition into the life and job that I want. Already suscribe to his news letter.

  • thx jame for another great interview, very inspiring (though it’s a bit hard to scroll down here for commenting;-)! dan is totally into the ‘there’s no excuses, just ways’-mindset. must check his blog and podcast…

    • Thanks Sig! I know- the transcript in it is something I’m testing. Good to know it’s annoying to scroll! šŸ™‚

  • Jaime,
    This was such an awesome interview. Dan is one of my biggest hero’s. He has inspired me to move forward with my dream. I am now following your site and it is extremely cool. Glad to see your success!

  • Just found your site via @MichaelHyatt – I love this interview, really excellent questions with Dan Miller. Very cool.

    • Thanks Jonathan!! Glad you enjoyed- love Michael Hyatt- it was so sweet of him to link. šŸ™‚

  • I really enjoyed it.

    This interview made me download a podcast app for the first time, so I can listen to some more Eventual Millionaire podcasts while riding to work.

    Thank you Jaime!

    • Woohoo! Glad you are taking action to listen in more too. So happy you enjoy it. šŸ™‚
      Let me know if I can make any improvements! (Amazing guests coming up on the show that I know you will LOVE!)

  • Excellent wisdom. It was put to me by a mentor this way, ‘Take your five closest friends: average their income, and that will be your income.

  • Great stuff. I love his whole attitude and perspective. I also appreciate you making this available. Never would have found this on my own. Hoping to make that 5% club with the big authors soon. Just hearing this changes my direction.
    Thank you.

  • Really got a lot from this interview with Dan Miller. Especially around the 27 minute mark regarding distinguishing between linear and residual income. I am an attorney, so I totally appreciate this. I have been trying for the last several years to figure out a way to go completely away from the billable hour and trading time for dollars. I hate it, and recently decided that if I am going to have a long sustaining practice in law, I am going to create a different model. i am in the process of doing that right now, so feeling even more inspired after listening to this interview. thanks.

  • Amazing Interview! I been listening to a couple of interviews lately while I work. What I got out from this with the Interview with Dan, Is that like most people with hobbies, is the challenge of finding a way to generate revenue from that. With the situation with the Graphic Designer, I freelance in video production & VFX work, but yet I struggle. So this interview had some very useful information. Thanks Jaime.

    P.S. This Website is very underrated, alot of inspiring entrepreneurs and successful ones is probrably scouring the internet for a site like this. Luckily I found it. I’m looking forward for more.

    P.S.S. It would be cool to add a sign in integration on your site with facebook/twitter, more convenient to comment and interact. Just a side note šŸ˜‰

  • Jamie, Dan,
    GREAT interview! I’ve been a huge fan of Dan’s for a few years now. And as of today, I’m a fan of Jamie Tardy’s! šŸ™‚

  • Wow! From Pat Flynn to Jamie and now to Dan Miller. This was a very exciting interview Thank You! I just ordered his book the 48 Days to the Work you love. I’m in the process on redoing my website and want to launch my podcast in the summer. I want to help families relocate to Orlando Florida and find the right people to work with on their relocation. You and all the podcasters I’ve listen to have just motivated me in such a way that I am so ready to start. Also excited about the 48days.net group love to go meet some new people and interact. Again thank you so much. So excited right now. It’s so true when you seek you will find.


  • Absolutely. I’ve always been one too to very quickly look for a coach. Any area where I want improvement I look for a coach.

    Best quote of all. People want change, which is great why not find a way from Point A to B without all the errors, pitfalls, and missteps. CONCRETE goals, timelines are so helpful. Looking for results in small increments help too. I love the quote “how do you eat a elephant?” One bite at a time.

  • Hey Jaime,

    Thanks for the work your doing. Your really inspiring people to take action on their dreams.

    • Aw thanks Charles šŸ™‚

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