Creating Your Eventual Millionaire Quest with Chris Guillebeau

American entrepreneur, nonfiction author, blogger and speaker – Chris Guillebeau

Chris GuillebeauChris has a brand new book called The Happiness of Pursuit – where he dives into making the JOURNEY the fun part. How the heck do you do that when business can be tough? I ask Chris to break down how Eventual Millionaires can create their own quest. In order to enjoy your journey you need to take the time to focus on making it interesting – not just being happy when you hit the goal! Learn actionable advice how in this interview.

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5 responses

  • Hi
    I want to know if Chris is already visit Haiti ?
    When ?
    Thank You For Reply

    • Hey there Raphael – Chris is quite the traveler… keep up with him via his events page here ( and subscribe to his email list. He’s great about letting his readers know where he’s headed next! Hope that’s helpful!

  • That was a useful, inspiring interview…brilliant! Thank you so much, it made my morning!

  • Hey Jaime,
    I love this interview! Saw it on FB the other day and just got reminded to watch it. So glad I did!

    The $100 Startup was the first book on becoming self-employed I ever read and it really got me fired up about quitting my job and building my own business. Can’t wait to read his new book, definitely a must-have.


  • Another inspiring interview Jaime. Loved it!!

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