Creating Cash via Business, Real Estate and Investing – What’s best? with Toby Salgado

Founder and father of three – Toby Salgado

Toby SalgadoToby has been in many industries. We talk about which one is the best to millionaire status at first, and what we should focus on after we have a high net worth. He has incredible stories of jumping into industries he knows nothing about and swimming with the best of them! Get advice about finding opportunities in the market, and how to push forward to create an impact in your business.

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2 responses

  • Thanks for the great interview. I am in the process of breaking free from my job and am having a hard time picking one direction. I know that if I take one and stick with it I will be successful but it always seems there is another opportunity that pops up and distracts me from what I am trying to focus on.

    It is good to see someone who has done a whole bunch of different things, has had a lot of successes, and have some future successes. I will be tuning into his podcast and hopefully be able to gain more focus knowing that the opportunities will always be there and I will always have more opportunities that present themselves.

    • Hey Coach Kip-
      Thanks for the great comment. Glad you are going to tune into the show. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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