Creating BNI (Business Network International) The Largest Networking Organization From ONE Meetup with Dr. Ivan Misner

Founder & Chairman of BNI – Dr. Ivan Misner

Ivan Misner 204Chances are you have a BNI group near you (I did, in the middle of no where in Maine!) I grill Dr. Misner on how he started the largest networking organization in the world. It all started from ONE. We follow the growth and how he built it and spread the word. We also talk networking tactics of course! BNI helped me so much when I was just getting started, I was a bit starstruck chatting with him šŸ™‚

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2 responses

  • Great interview, Jaime. This is another reminder that it is important to have a personal page instead of a business page. I love the fact that networking is about building relationships.

  • “The secret to success without hard work, is still a secret. ..consistent and persistent.”

    Thanks again! Another great interview.

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