Conversational Videos – The intersection of storytelling & artificial intelligence with Heather Maio-Smith

Heather Maio-Smith is an award-winning interactive storytelling pioneer and technology visionary who brings over a decade of immersive storytelling leadership to StoryFile.

In 2010, Heather developed the first 3D interactive conversation with Holocaust Survivor Rose Schindler through her creative agency Conscience Display. She was creating physical video installations at the United Nations, U.S.C., and in Havana, Cuba. Still, she understood that the future of storytelling lay at the intersection of digital media and ‘natural conversation’ and decided to create it. As a leader in content-based technology, she has spoken about Natural Conversation at Microsoft (2017), U.S. Holocaust Museum (2017), Dartmouth College (2018), FoST (2018), SXSW (2019), SXSW (2019), The LA Times Festival of Books (2019), M.I.T. (2020), and A.I. Summit (2020). In addition, Heather’s work has been featured in Fast Company, N.B.C.’s The Today Show, The New Yorker, Reuters, and B.B.C. She was also featured on 60 Minutes in 2020.

“Know what you’re not good at. Know your strengths. Know your weaknesses, but know enough to say I need to find the best person I possibly can find to do X because I cannot do that.” – Heather Maio-Smith

Episode Highlights:

  • Heather explains what StoryFile does and how she got into it (Even without any tech experience)
  • How using conversational video can shape the way we do business
  • Difference between deep fakes, avatars, and what StoryFile does
  • How Heather’s want to provide the ability for future generations to have conversations with Holocaust survivors sparked this new technology and the creation of StoryFile Life
  • How Heather balances running StoryFile with her husband and many other family members (As a family business)


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