Constructive Criticism and Feedback

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Constructive Criticism and Feedback
Constructive Criticism and Feedback

How often do you ask people around you for feedback? Here are some tips on how to get constructive feedback that will help you grow. Comment Section: Here are some questions that you can use to get constructive feedback: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of me? What matters most to me? What do you see as a special skill I am gifted with? What are my three biggest strengths? What are my three biggest weaknesses? When I'm not in the room, what positive AND negative things do people say about me? What is one strength or skill you feel I am not currently maximizing or fully utilizing? What is one thing I should STOP doing? Complete the sentence: ?My relationship with __ would be more fulfilling if she?? What would you miss most about my presence if I passed away?

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