Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level with Gay Hendricks

Co-founder of The Hendricks Institute – Gay Hendricks


Gay had tremendous success and has been the leader in the field of relationship transformation and body-mind transformation for over 45 years.

He has written more than 40 books; including bestsellers such as Five Wishes, The Big Leap, Conscious Loving, and Conscious Loving Ever After, and his most recent book, The Joy of Genius. He has appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including Oprah, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS, and others.

Episode Highlights:

  • How to recognize the upper-limit problem, and how to correct that
  • Keys to knowing your true genius and how you express it to make the greatest contribution
  • Tips to prioritize and commit…for real change to happen
  • How to face failure, even if you know you are in your genius

“True creativity is when you spend your life doing what you most love to do, in a way that inspires others to do what they most love to do.” – Gay Hendricks

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