Phase 1 Millionaire Productivity Hacks

QUICK WINS: Three strategies that will help gain time back:

STEP 1. Go to ? unsubscribe to any emails you don?t want. Easy way to get back your email.

STEP 2. Social Media ? Don?t let social media be a distraction any more. Remove Facebook/Twitter/Instagram from your phone. Be present where you are. Also, go to for a newsfeed eradicator on Facebook. All your information will be available except the newsfeed on Facebook.

STEP 3. Pamadora technique – Set a timer for 25 minutes. You can use an app on your phone if that helps. Set an intention, a goal (ex. Get to zero in my inbox within 25 minutes, make 15 cold calls, etc.) and check off your to-do list items. Then take a five minute break. When you come back, you can focus again.

Phase 2 Millionaire Productivity Hacks

TIME AUDIT. What are you doing with your time now? Are your tasks and actions aligning with your number one goal?

Inventory of time:

STEP 1. Go to (use only for one week). Find out where you are using your time.

STEP 2. Take a time audit. Write out two days of what you are actually doing at every moment of the day. We will use this to focus on your most important actions.

STEP 3. Make your Master Schedule.

  • ????????Make a visual calendar with the handout provided. Put in the most important things on your master schedule, both personal and professional. Schedule your life.

Phase 3 Millionaire Productivity Hacks


When you choose only one goal, you make a lot more progress.

STEP 1. Choose ONE GOAL. This is your mast goal. (For one year) An example: You want to make $100K a year. Break that goal down into quantifiable measurements. $8,333 a month or $2,083 a week.

STEP 2. Next, look at your goal and see how many ?things? you have to sell. Make a list of all of those quantified items. How many emails, blog posts, clients, every day, each week etc.

STEP 3. Write down what worked in the past for you and do more of that to reach your #1 goal.


Passive Actions VS Active Actions: Write down the last 5 things you did in your business.

  • Passive actions are things on your to-do list, but they are not moving your #1 goal forward. (Checking email, changing opt-in box on website, reading blog post and not acting afterwards, etc.)
  • Active actions are thing that push you outside your comfort zone and deliver results. ?(Asking someone for sales appointment, getting press, finding a mentor, etc.)
  • Try to eliminate those passive actions.
  • Write down one active action that you have been putting off. Now do it!

Active Actions (weekly check in and accountability)

  • ?Create 5 active actions every week that will move you forward to your #1 goal. (break it down into mini, daily goals.)
  • Get a mastermind group or accountability buddy. Be accountable to someone and check in weekly for your 5 active goals you set.