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  • How to Warm Up a Potential Strategic Partner

    How to warm up a cold potential strategic partner. So you probably know what a strategic partner is, it’s really trying to share resources whether it be intellectual resources, prospects, introduction to people in your network, whatever you can that’s a win-win for both businesses. But how do you get those coveted strategic partners? Well,… View Article

  • Steal My Powerful Team Meeting Agenda

    All right, let’s dive into team meetings. Super-sexy, I know. We gave you a monthly team meeting agenda. What I want you to have is a team meeting. It can be a weekly team meeting. It can be a monthly team meeting. And if you already have this, pat yourself on the back. We’re gonna… View Article

  • The #1 Simplest System That Gives You Back $$ and Time

    What is the most important and simple system that will give you the most ROI, probably this week? It takes about 20 minutes. I call it the communication process. We have too many pieces of software with too many potentials of employees contacting you or each other all the time. I was in Bali a… View Article