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    The other night, I was invited to a very high-level entrepreneur dinner. It was amazing. People that had sold their companies to Goldman Sachs, NASA, people that worked with Tiger Woods, an amazing group of people. And what was so wonderful was the conversation. And it wasn’t the conversation just about, “Oh, I did this… View Article

  • Building a 7-figure business from nothing with Jessica Zimmerman

    Episode Highlights: Jessica journey in her life and business, How to know when you are stress (And how to alleviate it), Learn how Jessica shifted everything through meditation, Tips in preparing for your next business opportunity…

  • Ever Get Stuck Naming Something

    Have you ever gotten stuck trying to name something, a product, a brand, a business? Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt. A lot of times you’ll end up hiring somebody to try and help that’s more creative, but then you only have one person. One of my clients used an amazing site called…. View Article

  • The courage to make huge changes with Ken D. Foster

    Episode Highlights: Ken’s definition of courage, What helps generate courageous success, The role of self-awareness play in having the courage to change your life, Why people need to do what they love now (And not later), How to move forward to create future success, Steps to take to use the consciousness of courage to break through limitations…

  • The Missing Piece On Your Vision

    Is your vision missing this one piece? I was coaching someone the other day and I had them do a visioning exercise and millionaires over, and over, and over, talk about visioning. What do you want in so many years? What does it look like? And, we really do it like a perfect day exercise,… View Article

  • Vunerability and Connection

    One thing I think we need a lot more of in business is – It’s not what you think. Vulnerability. One of the reasons why we feel so disconnected, so lonely, and so anxious as an entrepreneur is that we think we have to do it ourselves. But not only that. That’s just the beginning… View Article

  • Why You Need to be a Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with John Jantsch

    Episode highlights: The difference of his latest book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur, to his other books, Tips in enjoying your life and business together (especially meditation), How to get away from guilt in putting self-care before business, How to be resilient when things don’t work out, Tips in re-framing your mindset, How to know what’s working and not working for us in this world, How to test and implement a good idea…

  • Are Ideals Good For Business

    Do you think ideals are good in business? Now, let me give you the definitions. There’s a handful. One is the thing that’s most suitable. Right? That seems normal. But the other one is existing only in the imagination. Desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality. And I see this way too… View Article

  • All about franchises with Erik Van Horn

    Episode Highlights: Learn How real estate launched Eric in business (which still plays a role in his overall strategy), Finding, buying, starting, scaling and selling franchises, When to buy a franchise (and the issues to work on before buying), How to match a franchise buyer to a franchise, Traits that will lead to business success, Partnerships: the good, bad, and the ugly, How to find good people to manage the businesses (when to give them equity), What franchisees should do to level up their businesses…

  • The vacation effect with Denise Gosnell

    Episode Highlights: Learn how Denise developed “The Vacation Effect”, The secret in running 3 businesses 3 different industries by working just 3 days a week, What is scheduling experiment (and how to implement it), How freedom is a mindset, and not a destination, Learn the better way to have growth in you personal and business life, Difference of male and female business owners (productivity wise), How to figure out the flow of your freedom days, What life event made Denise shift from being a workaholic to living in freedom, Tips in delegating to your team…