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  • How to Choose the Best Health Insurance for Small Business Owners

    Finding good health insurance is one of the most frustrating parts of being an entrepreneur or small-business owner. Until December 15, when the federal open enrollment period is open, health insurance will be one of the most frequently discussed topics among small-business owners. It’s also an area without an easy-to-understand reference to options or collection of information about what options other people are using to help you make the best choice for yourself.

  • A Well-Designed Business With LuAnn Nigara

    A Well-Designed Business With LuAnn Nigara – How to avoid feeling stagnant without the need to jumping from project to project all the time. Your body always tells you when you’re working too hard. Discover how LuAnn recognizes the signs before it’s too late! How to master the work-life balance when you’re running a business with your spouse. Can you “get it all done”… without actually needing to get it all done? How to “trick” yourself into feeling on top of things again. The single most important question you must be asking yourself every single day. (It’s not what you think.)

  • Becoming Super Human With Jonathan Levi

    Founder at Becoming SuperHuman – Jonathan Levi Here’s what you’ll learn from Jonathan about Becoming Super Human: – How to create online courses that people actually consume and learn from. (And how to validate them quickly.) – Why a subscription model is not always a great idea. (Contrary to popular belief.) – How to create… View Article

  • The WOW Factor With John Dwyer

    What exactly is “The WOW Effect” and why you should care. When does branding become irrelevant for your business. Discover how just a little of WOW Factor…

  • Coaching Session with Lain #8: The Ups and Downs of an Entrepreneur…

    A slightly manic writer, speaker, and deep thinker – Lain Ehmann “The ups and downs of an entrepreneur…” You’ll be VERY glad to know that we’ve made progress on the beta front! After letting go, things started to move. Not fast, but a bit. AND… despite starting out May slowly, I ended up invoicing for… View Article

  • The View From The Top With Aaron Walker

    Why investing in a mastermind group is a long term game. The single most important reason why joining a mastermind can help you grow. How the “Man In The…

  • Why Business Conferences are Overrated (and what to do instead)

    I have a confession. I’m not a big fan of business conferences, at least not for most people. I think most of them are overrated and often a waste of time and money. I know, I speak at a lot of business conferences. They’re not all bad, and some people get great value from them…. View Article

  • Best Business Tools: Recommended By Millionaires

    Having a business is not easy. There are so many things to do and manage. You need to manage your employees, sales, time and many more.

  • How to Use Bing Places to Grow Your Business

    No matter what business you’re in, you can’t make money if nobody knows you exist. Today, that means setting up your business to show up at the right time and in the right place when customers look for businesses like yours. It also means making sure your business is presented to future customers in a… View Article

  • Millionaires And Money With Melissa Krivachek

    The one thing that’s preventing you get better at sales. (And no, it’s not fear of rejection.) How cleaning up clutter in your wardrobe can help you make…