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  • The trust equation with Josh Turner

    Episode highlights: Learn the four pillars of trust equation, Tips on building relationships with new prospects and maintaining relationships with existing network and connections, What is Connect 365 (and how to use it), How to efficiently segment your list and communicate to it, Tips and tricks on having a high open rate and engagement from your list, What are the constraints in using LinkedIn as a marketing channel…

  • Why You Need to Systematize Your Business Process (And How to do it Right)

    This is a guest post written by Owen McGab Enaohwo the CEO and Co-Founder of SweetProcess; see more about him and his company below! Do you feel that you spend more time on some activities in your business? Are there some repetitive tasks in your business such as product creation, customer service, or marketing that… View Article

  • Energy solutions for better results with Sheevaun Moran

    Episode highlights: Learn more of Energetic Solutions®, What is quantum energy, Strategies of energy solutions for better results in business and life, What is energy cutting (and tips on how to implement it), How to overcome ADD, Strategies to maximize the use of Trello, How to deal with task switching in a day, How to reshuffle and prioritize all the things to do in a day, Stories of entrepreneurs Sheevaun helped in their business and life, Learn how to be financially independent by lining up your energy, Know yourself through energy alignment, How to grow and scale your business through your energy…

  • Intelligence Increases When You Think Less

    Today, I wanted to give a quick tip about a new book that I just was recommended. It’s called “Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind.” I have an overthinking wonderful brain, hence, the reason why I need meditation so much and why someone recommended this book to me. It’s called “How Intelligence Increases When You Think Less”…. View Article

  • Becoming a “champion” goal achiever with Dr. Jeff Spencer

    Episode highlights: What is a champion’s blueprint, The two fundamental parts of achieving your goals, In-depth explanation of Jeff’s goal achievement roadmap, How to understand our human nature, When to celebrate your success, How long does the daily grind last, Learn goal achievement as a leader of a team, The difference of “belief” and “knowing”, How to recalibrate moments to have a champion’s mind…

  • Shorten Your Implementation Gap

    One thing I had actually had a dream about last night was how millionaires over and over talk about the speed of implementation and getting that smaller gap in between. When you actually start and take an action or when you think you need to start and take an action to when you take that… View Article

  • Principles and Values

    I think a big part of our life is trying to figure out what we actually value. What actually has meaning to us because when we are put on this planet, you have no idea what’s good and what’s not good and how you feel really makes all the difference. Perspective is everything. So, what… View Article

  • The best way to exit a business with Mark Mills

    Episode highlights: Things that will come up when you exit from your business, What is the standard due diligence list you need, What the three elements in presenting your business, Who you should approach specific buyers, How to test a good advisor for your business, How to approach your closed-knit team when you’re selling your business, How to set up a timeframe in selling your business, Tips in delegation when exiting a business…

  • Diagnosing Your Business Problems

    Diagnosing your business problems. Whenever I get a new client, I really want to assess what the problems are. I try and be like a doctor. I try and diagnose what the primary issues are because they might have a bunch of different issues but we can’t actually work on all of them all at… View Article

  • How to survive business puberty with Eric Gilbert-Williams

    Episode Highlights: What is business puberty (and how to survive it), Why each business growth spurt requires different mindset and skills, How to make people in your team accountable (and how to call them for their mistakes), How to get unstuck (especially as the business owner), Learn how manage risk and failure in business, The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner, Hiring process tips to hire the right type of people for you…