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  • The brilliant work-life balance with Cherylanne Skolnicki

    Episode Highlights: How to identify your roles to have a balance in life(especially for working moms), How to withstand judgement(good mom vs good business owner), What is a decision sprint exercise(and how to do it), Tips in making decisions faster, How to take the time to step back and create the decision framework, How to create a year plan that will hit all your high points, How to break the changes you want into projects and practices(project vs practice), Tips to ease the transition from work to home life…

  • Building thriving podcast communities with Nigel Eccles

    Episode Highlights: What is Nigel’s goal in creating podcast communities, How to build a thriving podcast community, The protocols that will make your audience engage, Common things new startup entrepreneurs need to know, Tips in visioning, What is OKR (Objective and Key Results) and why is it important…

  • The Key to Staying Constant in a Business That Comes in Waves

    “How do you stay consistent, especially in a service industry that comes in waves?” This question came in from Caleb Ermier, I think I got your name right. And I highly recommend paying more attention to timelines. So for example on those waves, those really big peak times, you should already have your system set… View Article

  • The Art of Communicating with Employees with Trivinia Barber

    Episode Highlights: The 4 buckets of letting go and delegating, How to deal with employee mistakes, What non-negotiables in the company (reasons that might get an employee fired), How thick should the boundary between the boss and employees (Tips in making better boundaries), How to create a great relationship with your employees, How to deal with your executive admin for them to grow, How to hire a great executive assistant, How to fire somebody (when to fire somebody), How to set up a newly hired employee to success in the on-boarding process…

  • 3 Tips To Create A Great Company Culture!

    What are my three tips to create a great company culture? Well, this tip comes from Julbert Abraham. He was a client of mine. He’s amazing. He does LinkedIn Strategy. And I want to hit you with these three tips really quick. So number one is making sure you have your company values. If you… View Article

  • You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

    Just so you know, you don’t have to do this alone. I know I talk to a million business owners and it feels like we’ve got this screen that we’re looking at and we’re almost always by ourselves. Even if you have a team, it can really feel like you’re carrying the weight of absolutely… View Article

  • Scaling Jungle Scout Fast with Greg Mercer

    Episode Highlights: His experience in creating and developing Jungle Scout, Learn what led Jungle Scout to the fast growth trajectory, His journey growing up as a kid with a successful entrepreneur dad, How to counter the fear of failure, How Greg’s role grew in Jungle Scout (The strengths he developed in five years), How to step back and not micromanage (let go!), Tips and tricks in systemizing your hiring process, Learn the deciding factors of hiring, Tips in firing your employee…

  • Quick Process for Getting Referrals

    One quick process that will get you more referrals. Well, I was chatting with a new client the other day and I was asking them how they sort of work their referrals and it’s sort of hit or miss, right? It’s this “Oh, well when I realize I am not at capacity and I need… View Article

  • Making Millionaire Choices with Tony Bradshaw

    Episode Highlights: Breaking the family cycle of financial mismanagement, Retirement vs. freedom to live your life, How to instill ambition and financial responsibility in your children, Learn whether you are emotionally or logically driven towards your money, The fast way to get out of debt, The 4 Categories of Money…

  • Your Business Model Upgraded

    Your business model upgraded. When was the last time you actually looked at your business model? Especially, if you’re a six- or seven-figure entrepreneur, you’ve been doing this a long time, it sort of seems like it’s going pretty well. Well, my agent for my book actually was the agent for a book called, Business… View Article