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  • Mathematical approach to a Super Successful business with Dan Vega

    Episode highlights: How to build and establish a relationship through value exchange, When is the right time to leverage the relationships you established, How to deal with people who want to take advantage of you, Learn the formula to make your business or set up your business to in the top 20% of its industry to ensure its success, Learn Dan’s clarity and visioning tips…

  • Make a lot of Money, Help a lot of People, and have a lot of Fun with David Meltzer

    David’s journey in becoming a CEO of someone else’s company, How to set your path to where you want to be, Learn what David learned from Gary V that created massive results, How to make people happy while making money, How to apply the Law of GOYA, Law of Attraction and Law of Surrender in your business, How to know what the best content is to create for maximum ROI…

  • Selects Edition: Living with Values for Greater Success with Dina Dwyer Owens

    Episode highlights: How to design your life and clarify your values for your business and family, Why systemizing your values are the key to success (and how to do it!), Why most companies, families and nonprofits fail with their values and how to fix this, Training, training and more training, Why it’s a core competency of any successful franchisor operation, And much more…

  • How Not to Structure Your Team

    Decisions, fires from all sides are going to exhaust you, if you’re not exhausted already. If you don’t give anyone the responsibility for them to do their own work and make their own choices, without coming to you for every second, then you will have this. And you will have a sad face that wants… View Article

  • How To Control The Chaos in Your Business Today!

    There’s a great quote, “The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos.” – Napoleon. When you think about your business, you know there’s quite a bit of constant chaos. That being said, it’s usually quite predictable constant chaos. Have you ever heard of decision fatigue?… View Article

  • From Fear to Freedom with Rhonda Britten

    Episode Highlights: When is the right time for a businessperson to go after TV, how to align your message to a TV production team’s message, tips on how to be better on stage, on camera, or on podcast, what is fear and how to identify your it, how to transition from fear to freedom…

  • Laser Coaching Show: Letting Go and Trusting Your Team with Caleb Irmler

    Here are the things he wanted to get out from this session: How to have a work-life balance while scaling his business, how to establish an AMAZING A-Player Team and hire only the best, how to effectively market his business through networking…

  • Selects Edition: How to change your beliefs with Tom Bilyeu

    Episode highlights: How to empower your belief system, how to deal with fears and uncertainty during transition, how to have a belief subset that you can do anything (no matter how big the problem may be)…

  • The Most Successful Companies Don’t Do This

    The most successful companies don’t do this. If you think about your team right now and who reports to who, a successful company typically has a really great hierarchy. What I found in hundreds and hundreds of businesses that I have been inside of that as you’re growing, especially at revenues of 200,000, it seems… View Article

  • How to Take Advantage of Change

    The only thing that is constant is change, right? You probably heard that before but in business, it feels insane. I was actually out here by my pool. It is overflowing here in Texas and what’s so crazy is that typically I am out here filling this gosh darn pool up in the middle of… View Article