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  • The Introvert’s Edge With Matthew Pollard

    How to strike up a conversation with your lead without feeling uncomfortable. Introverts aren’t good at sales, right? Wrong! Discover why you DON’T have to be a natural born extrovert to start killing it in sales. How to “manufacture momentum” and use it to move the sale forward. (No shady tactics involved!)

  • Hardcore Lead Generation With Ryan Stewman

    There’s 4 types of leads out there: Discover the two you MUST avoid. How this old YouTube video changed Ryan’s life… and why it could change yours too! How to know you have a failed business plan and one way to fix it. How to niche down when you don’t know where to start. Why 90% of your prospects aren’t ready to…

  • Achieve your Vision With Cameron Herold

    The simple “Jigsaw Puzzle” method Cameron uses with all of his business coaching clients and the reason why it’s so successful. Why hiring is a “sales…

  • All Recommended Books by Millionaires

    When I first launched Eventual Millionaire back in March 2010, I did so by announcing a goal of becoming a millionaire on my terms, which included to be debt free, live a lifestyle I wanted, and be able to pursue my passions while building a net worth with two commas in it. I didn’t really care when I’d get that… View Article

  • Extreme Ownership With Ryan Moffett

    How to break out on your own and win in a tough niche like trading and fund managing. The big lies of “overnight success” and what it actually takes to…

  • The Abundance Mentality With Daniel Ally

    What did Steve Jobs and the Bible teach Daniel about sales. How to understand – on a deeper level – what people really need and will pay for. If your…

  • Coaching Session With Lain: What My Resistant To Beta Calls REALLY Means

    YES. This week we dive back into the beta calls… because I’m resisting! I bet you want to smack me about now. I don’t blame you! I want to smack me, too.

  • Coaching Session With Lain: Why You Can’t Short Cut The Beta Process!

    Have you ever wanted to just get a product launched asap? So much so that even though it’s late on a Sunday night, you decide to send out an ‘interest email’ to your hot leads thinking… this might just work!

  • How To Build A Thriving Community With Kirk Du Plessis

    The surprising reason why Kirk stopped selling his online courses, opened up his content for free… and is building a paid SaaS product around it! How to…

  • Coaching Session With Lain: Selling Like A Pro

    The easiest way to come up with your premium pricing without pulling numbers out of thin air. How to create “urgency” for clients that are late to reply…