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  • Why I am Obsessed with Change

    I am obsessed with change. In fact, I think a lot of us are obsessed with change. You hear a lot of experts say people fear change. I want to change this statement.

  • Stolen: $1,084

    My laptop bag was stolen in New York City. It’s actually a crazy story. We had the Uhaul with the Coke and Mentos Rocket Car next to the Letterman studio.

  • What is True Wealth?

    An old woman found a precious stone within a stream while she was traveling. She put it in her bag, and continued on her way. Later she met a hungry man…

  • Compare Yourself to a Millionaire

    Statistics of a Millionaire These statistics are taken directly from The Millionaire Next Door. Today about 80% of Americans are first-generation rich…

  • I Found Money and Something Else..

    Have you ever felt this way? Money is tight. It feels like Murphy lives in your house, and the world is against you. That?s how I felt five years ago. We were moving from upstate New York to New Hampshire.

  • How To Thrive ? The Steps of Success

    How do we know what is necessary to succeed? Maslow has the answers. Abraham Maslow created the Hierarchy of Needs, which he explained in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation.?

  • Why Do You Work?

    Why Do You Work? When asked this question most people hesitantly say, “Well, for the money!?” as if it were obvious but not something they wanted to say out loud.

  • What I Learned from the Prosperity Game

    I like to look at the way I think about money. I’ve learned, through the process of becoming debt free, that each dollar counts. I can make the choice of what I want to do with it…

  • May Income and Expenses Report

    Every month I still create a budget, even though I?ve been debt free for three years. I print it out and put it on the refrigerator. It?s a constant reminder to keep on top of my finances.

  • Interview by

    few months ago Luci Weston from contacted me and asked if I wanted to do an interview. Luci aims to make your life better, brighter and easier.