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  • Tips on How to Buy a Used Car

    We just recently purchased a 7 passenger Ford Explorer. Buying a car tends to consume your life while you are doing it. You notice cars everywhere.

  • 5 Lessons From Our Pay Off Debt Year

    Each year I choose one specific goal to work on. I?ve found when I split my focus it becomes confusing, and hard to achieve. I declared 2006 our ?Pay Off Debt Year?.

  • My Process of Finding Enjoyable Work

    Trying to figure out what you want to do for a living is tough. It?s easy to admit, ?Well I don?t want this!?? but it can be difficult to put your finger on what you do want to do.

  • How To Simplify Your Finances with Online Budgeting Software and Why It Works

    Simplicity is a proven principal in life. Every successful and long lasting business I know of has incorporated simplicity into their business. No one wants to deal with things…

  • My Self Employed Dilemma

    When I quit my job to work for myself I was terrified of not having my weekly paycheck. My husband has always been self employed, but I always had a steady paycheck.

  • You Should Read the Art of Non-Conformity

    On Tuesday my husband and I had the best date night ever. We drove about an hour and a half to go to the Unconventional Book Tour and meet Chris Guillebeau.

  • Frugal Entertaining Without Breaking Your Budget

    Practicing sound financial habits does not have to be boring. It would be horrible for anyone to live a Scrooge-like existence everyday in order to save a few dollars here and there.

  • Gather Your Data: Debt and Net Worth Worksheets

    So the last post in this series involved how to be honest. Being honest means facing up to the facts and accepting them for what they are. Here is your chance!

  • I Must Do the Thing I Think I Cannot Do

    In life, we are made up of our actions. The actions you choose make up the experiences you have. When you think back over your life, the ideas you have, the thoughts you have had…

  • July Income and Expenses Report

    It’s already August, so it’s time for another income and expenses report. I love going back through the month to see how we did. At the end I’ll explain a little more about my lax method of budgeting and income and expenses.