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  • The Secret Way to Improve Critical Thinking

    Where do you do your best thinking? I?ve always been curious about it so I started researching the topic. It looks like most people do their best thinking while in the shower…

  • Coke Zero + Mentos = Rocket Car

    Just a warning: This post is completely off topic. I work with Fritz and Stephen of doing all sorts of fun things. My husband works with them as part of their creative team too.

  • How to Take Active Action

    I read personal development and productivity books, just like most people that have been bitten by the personal growth bug. Some of them are extremely good.

  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

    Who doesn?t want to be more productive? I?ve realized with only 25 hours per week to work, productivity is a priority. It?s essential to create as much income in as little working time as possible.

  • How to Raise Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs

    Did you know that Steve Jobs, Ted Turner, and the three founders of Netscape are bipolar? This is an amazing video from a TEDx conference, Cameron Herold on how to raise your kids…

  • How Do Young, Inexperienced, Poor Entrepreneurs Make a Million?

    How do young inexperienced entrepreneurs do it? You’ve heard so many stories of someone taking a concept and building it into a million dollar business. They all seem so uncommonly smart.