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  • You Don’t Need To Know Everything!

    It’s okay to not know. As a business owner, we tend to think that we are the problem-solvers of the entire world and that we should know how to do everything. And then, in our business, something comes up like, “Oh, do I fire this person? They didn’t do what I was supposed to do…. View Article

  • The Origin Story of Zapier with Wade Foster

    Episode Highlights: The origin of Zapier (Called Zaps with API in the name!), How to know if your product is good enough in the market, Why talking to customers as the owner is critical, Tips and how to’s for hiring, Why hire people that have a roll up your sleeve mentality, Find the systems that works for you and match your mental model. (It’s not a one size fits all.), Tips for people that are more visionary than detail-oriented, Specific Actionable Zaps that save you time + energy…

  • Your Business Model Upgraded

    Your business model upgraded. When was the last time you actually looked at your business model? Especially, if you’re a six- or seven-figure entrepreneur, you’ve been doing this a long time, it sort of seems like it’s going pretty well. Well, my agent for my book actually was the agent for a book called, Business… View Article

  • Building Intentional Business Relationships with Darrah Brustein

    Episode Highlights: Darrah’s actions that led her to work with Deepak Chopra, Learn how to setup boundaries in your relationships, How deep a relationship needs to be before you can start to give and take, Learn Darrah’s 30 Days Give It Forward challenge, Tips in asking for help in a relationship, Tips in checking and pausing your life to lead you to the life you want to have, How to measure things in your life (and understanding how far you’ve come!)…

  • The Problem Always Stems From This!

    The problem always stems from this. I was actually interviewing Mike McDermott from Freshbooks the other day and he quoted an amazing quote. It says, “No matter what the problem is. It’s always a people problem.” And that’s actually by Gerald Weinberg’s writing. What he meant by that is not like fire your team. He… View Article

  • Selects Edition: How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta

    Episode highlights: Starting a business from scratch is cheaper, right? Wrong!, Discover the hidden costs of startups and why buying an existing business can be a better bargain, Three pillars of buying businesses that make you money, How to buy businesses when you DON’T have experience, “Secret” traits of a startup entrepreneur and an acquisition entrepreneur. Which one are you?…

  • How To Make Anyone Believe You!

    How to make anyone believe you like that. Well, I was at an improv class this past weekend, and one of the big, key tips that they said was make sure you are confident when you speak, even if you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. We actually were able to make up… View Article

  • The Replaceable Founder with Ari Meisel

    Episode Highlights: Learn the 6 levels of delegation, How to effectively communicate with your team, How to create a feedback loop, How to determine which hats are replaceable in your business, Learn Ari’s three-circle exercise, Tips and tricks in hiring the best employee for your team, How to fast track your newly hired employee, How to deal with business partnership (especially when it’s not going well)…

  • How To Train Your Team Without You!

    One quick tip on training your team without you, right? One of the things that we don’t do well enough as owners is to train our team. We’re like, ah, figure it out yourself. Well, one resource that I want to give you that can actually do an advanced sort of level, in a previous… View Article

  • Growing the Minimalist Movement with Allie Casazza

    Episode highlights: What made Allie to start the minimalism movement in her business, How to get started with minimalism (and not get overwhelmed), Learn how Allie changed her mindset (valuing life over money and self), Learn how to create great habits in your personal and professional life, How to get your kids to adopt a minimalist lifestyle…