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  • Ups and Downs

    What a weird world we’re living in right now. And if you’ve been experiencing highs and lows, these ups and downs, just know that you are not alone. I work one-on-one in the Mastermind with so many clients, and even the ones that seem like they’re doing okay have also gone through a few weeks… View Article

  • We should all be millionaires with Rachel Rodgers

    Episode Highlights: How to cultivate patience and trust, How to take risks in business when a lot of things go horribly wrong, Work-life balance: family first before money, How to deal with the craziness that is happening (Business, COVID-19 Pandemic, BLM, etc.), How to coach business owners when they have excuses for everything, How to prioritize (what comes first), How to push yourself out of your comfort zone, Rachel’s hard-earned hiring tips, Dismantling racism in the workplace (especially during the hiring process)…

  • The Successful Speaker with Grant Baldwin

    Episode Highlights: How to keep from getting bored talking about your message, Finding new angles and challenges in your message, Advice to speakers during the COVID-19 pandemic, The upside and downside of a virtual speaking gig, Pivotal moments of Grant’s journey as an online thought leader…

  • Quick Tip: Gaining Strategic Partners

    A quick tip about strategic partners. I was chatting with a client the other day and we were really diving in deep into how we can get more strategic partners for lead flow especially now, right? Having connections right now is really really important when we’re all stuck as hermits in our houses. So I… View Article

  • How to Warm Up a Potential Strategic Partner

    How to warm up a cold potential strategic partner. So you probably know what a strategic partner is, it’s really trying to share resources whether it be intellectual resources, prospects, introduction to people in your network, whatever you can that’s a win-win for both businesses. But how do you get those coveted strategic partners? Well,… View Article

  • The future of social media with Jesse Jameson

    Episode Highlights: The difference between digital marketing and social media, What are vanity metrics (And when does a metric become a vanity metric), What is the best social media platform to start your business on, How to determine a content’s quality (And whether to post it or not), How to unstick your personality in your business’ social media account – especially when you decide to sell your business, Best practice for creating a course that will sell, How much valuable content to give away for free from your courses, Do tripwires still work for courses, How to get cheaper leads for social media, How certification creates magnets for your audience to set a goal for, Online courses vs. college: What’s better?, How to create certifications for your courses…

  • Do You Go With Your Gut

    Do you trust your gut? Now I just finished two millionaire interviews with extremely successful men that have been in the game for a very very long period of time. I won’t share their not worth, but it’s big. When they said at the very very beginning of both interviews, that you have to align… View Article

  • 98 Degrees: The Upside and Downside of fame with Jeff Timmons

    Episode Highlights: How to deal with uncertainty in the music industry brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, How to choose the best business model in the ever-changing landscape of business, Learn the misconceptions of the music industry (And how to deal with them), Upside and downside of fame, Dealing with internet trolls, stalkers, detractors and critics, Learn how to take risks and overcome fear (And when not to take risks), Learn how to balance your successes and failures (Especially in the music industry), How tap into your creative side (Be in the flow state)…

  • 7 Steps to Genius Every Day

    7 Steps to Genius Every Day. Now, I just finished a millionaire interview that I absolutely adored with Yanik Silver, and he really talked about the creative side of things. He actually created a book called The Cosmic Journal, which I also highly recommend that you get. But one of the things that he said,… View Article

  • Building a great brand through automation, email, and marketing with Los Silva

    Episode highlights: Why it’s important to be up to date with automation, email, and marketing, How to start building up a great brand, How long it takes to get revenue from a social channel (e.g. Youtube, Instagram, etc.), How to build up your Instagram audience with a personal DM, Tips and tactics on finding your audience in your social media channels, Tips in copywriting for social media posts, Learn how to start a conversation using direct messaging (DM), When to use automation in your DMs, Tips in pre-qualifying your prospects, Learn how to earn your audience trust through your message, Learn how Los manages to continue growing his company while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic…