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  • Laser Coaching Client Results

    I just wanted to share an update. I love getting client updates, and this is one that you might have already heard about. So Caleb, who was on the Laser Coaching Show last year, we did one session, a Laser Coaching session. He owns Crazy Ant Pest Control. He just sent me a message on… View Article

  • How To Train Your Team Without You!

    One quick tip on training your team without you, right? One of the things that we don’t do well enough as owners is to train our team. We’re like, ah, figure it out yourself. Well, one resource that I want to give you that can actually do an advanced sort of level, in a previous… View Article

  • Laser Coaching Show: Hitting your goals easier, better and faster with Estie Rand

    In this episode, I asked Estie, what she wanted to get out of this session? There were three things she wanted: Learn how to build affordable programs to potential customers who cannot afford her current rate. In growing her business, she ventured into a lot of things. Now, she is asking herself who she is in her business. Lastly, she wants to hit her million goal this year.

  • Laser Coaching Show: More money, and Less stress for business owner Jody Maberry

    Episode highlights: How to scale in a systematic approach, how to level up a team by delegating, how to find long-term clients, how to make your assets more sustainable…