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  • Do You Need Achievement?

    have a scheduled session with my coach on Monday mornings. They really start my week off right. Returning to work after having 4 days off this weekend…

  • Plan for Accountability and Support

    Even if you?re on the right track, you?ll get run over if you just sit there. ? Will Roger Everyone needs some sort of accountability and support to achieve their goals…

  • How to Put Fear in Perspective

    We are only here for 80 or so years if we are lucky. If fear is stopping you from accomplishing your goals, ask yourself, ?How big is my fear??

  • Yakezie Carnival

    Yakezie is a group of about 100 personal finance bloggers that I have been a member of since March. They are a great support network that are helping others learn about personal finance and handling money.

  • The One Page Financial System

    Adrian from posted about Trent Hamm’s Personal Finance on Just One Page. He challenged everyone to create a one page that sums up their personal finance system.

  • Win $100 (Or More) This Week!

    Enter to win $100 from me (and more!) from the Spendster Second Chance Giveaway!

  • Tips on How to Buy a Used Car

    We just recently purchased a 7 passenger Ford Explorer. Buying a car tends to consume your life while you are doing it. You notice cars everywhere.

  • 5 Lessons From Our Pay Off Debt Year

    Each year I choose one specific goal to work on. I?ve found when I split my focus it becomes confusing, and hard to achieve. I declared 2006 our ?Pay Off Debt Year?.

  • Is Blogworld Worth it?

    This is my first day back in the office since Blogworld Expo. It was an amazing time with amazing people. People that didn?t go to Blogworld seem to ask the question, ?Is it worth it??

  • My Process of Finding Enjoyable Work

    Trying to figure out what you want to do for a living is tough. It?s easy to admit, ?Well I don?t want this!?? but it can be difficult to put your finger on what you do want to do.