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  • One Secret to Having More Time and Money

    I think one of the best things I learned when I was getting out of debt was what to do with my free time. I used to crash hard in front of the TV each night.

  • How Much Do Errands REALLY Cost You?

    When I was getting out of debt, I heard that you should consolidate all of your errands into one trip to save money. That sounded like a good idea, but I never put much energy into it.

  • What I Did With a $10,000 Refund

    This year our taxes went extremely well. Every part of the process was, dare I say, enjoyable. We found a new tax accountant. The most incredible thing was…

  • How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job Part 2

    View Part 1 of the series on how I become debt free here A Debt Free in December? We paid off the first student loan very quickly. It took a few months to pay off the Jeep…

  • How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job

    Here is a quick history on what my husband and I did to pay off over $70,000 in debt in a year and how I quit my job even though I made over 2/3rds of our income!

  • Who Else Wants to be Debt Free?

    Imagine that you are swimming in debt, want to start a family and be a stay at home mom but realize there is no way possible that you could quit a job you hate…