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  • Take Control Of Your Finances With Damion Lupo

    Why having a 401K is nowhere near enough. How to “fix” your mindset so you can “fix” your numbers and bottom line! Why Damion thinks your net…

  • Frugal Entertaining Without Breaking Your Budget

    Practicing sound financial habits does not have to be boring. It would be horrible for anyone to live a Scrooge-like existence everyday in order to save a few dollars here and there.

  • July Income and Expenses Report

    It’s already August, so it’s time for another income and expenses report. I love going back through the month to see how we did. At the end I’ll explain a little more about my lax method of budgeting and income and expenses.

  • How I Handle an Irregular Income

    This month will be a little different. I won?t actually be sharing our income and expenses for June. As noted in my post Stolen: $1084…

  • I Found Money and Something Else..

    Have you ever felt this way? Money is tight. It feels like Murphy lives in your house, and the world is against you. That?s how I felt five years ago. We were moving from upstate New York to New Hampshire.

  • May Income and Expenses Report

    Every month I still create a budget, even though I?ve been debt free for three years. I print it out and put it on the refrigerator. It?s a constant reminder to keep on top of my finances.

  • 10 Money Saving Websites

    Everyone wants to save money, right? I find that saving money isn?t just about coupon clipping. Personally I don?t like to spend much time clipping coupons, because I could be working…

  • One Secret to Having More Time and Money

    I think one of the best things I learned when I was getting out of debt was what to do with my free time. I used to crash hard in front of the TV each night.

  • What I Did With a $10,000 Refund

    This year our taxes went extremely well. Every part of the process was, dare I say, enjoyable. We found a new tax accountant. The most incredible thing was…

  • What Type of Spender are You?

    Everyone spends money. Whether you like it or not, whether you think it is good, bad or ugly, we all use it. You can learn a lot about what items lure you to spend money by taking a look at your habits.