Case Study: How Millionaire Amy Applebaum Started A New Online Business in 3 Months

Success Coach and Owner of Amy Applebaum Inc – Amy Applebaum

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Amy ApplebaumAmy Applebaum already has a million dollar plus business and brand online. She ventured into a new space selling hypnotherapy CDs online in Amazon and other marketplaces.

Discover how she got 50 albums completed in only 3 months and how you can implement her strategies.

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3 responses

  • All I can say is “thank you” Jaime and Amy for more great inspiration. Because of this interview, I have gotten some actionable ideas for improving my web design business and furthering my belief in starting a second online business. “Laser focus” IS the way to make this happen, and listening to the way Amy achieved remarkable results in such a short period of time has lit a fire under me. Keep up the great work, Jaime šŸ™‚

    Thank you,

    Dr. Sandi Eveleth
    aka “The Digi Doc”!

    • Love it! So happy to hear. Now come back and let me know how it went!! šŸ™‚

  • Great interview! I too believe it takes “a little bit of crazy” to get things done.

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