Carnivals and Really Cool Links

Lots of Carnivals and Festivals this week!?The first was the Festival of Frugality – Earth?Week Edition?and the second was Carnival of Personal Finance?at Studenomics. I always found it funny that they?were called carnivals and festivals, but they really are. A bunch of really great people getting together sharing their content in a cool and fun way. Take a look!

Other great links this week:

MoneyCrush asked, Do you have an Inconvenience Fund?? – This post came at a great time considering my dryer broke this week. I could have hung all of my clothes to dry. Good thing I had an inconvenience fund, a brand new dryer is in my laundry room!

Trent at The Simple Dollar asked, Who Judges You??- I love it when personal finance blogs get into personal development too. I think it’s all interrelated.

Kevin from FiscalGeek said, Stop Obsessing on Your Credit Score!?- I agree completely!

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