Carnival of Personal Finance – Famous People With Tax Troubles Edition

Great Carnival Theme this week over at The Wisdom Journal. If you ever have wondered which celebrities have tax troubles, you will find the answer here. It made me feel good; since I don’t owe millions of dollars to the government but that also means I haven’t made millions!

Just a lesson to everyone, April 15th is soon, pay your taxes! IRS Debt is the worst debt there is. (of course,?readers of a personal financial blog already know this, but we need to tell our friends and family!)

All Eventual Millionaires Must Read This!

One post this week just blew me away. My Personal Finance Journey just hit One Million Dollars. In 2003 MM’s net worth was about $47k. Seven years later, and in one of the worst financial crisis, they amassed one million dollars. It is such a great article and really inspired me. I urge everyone to read it!

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