Laser Coaching Show: Letting Go and Trusting Your Team with Caleb Irmler

Owner at Crazy Ant Pest Control Inc – Caleb Irmler

Here?s an amazing testimonial from Caleb:

“I am doing great, we jumped from $20,000 a month to $30,000, gave myself a raise and a $17,000 bonus last week. We have been traveling around the world a little and went from working in the truck 6 days a week to 6hrs a month. Have my nights and weekends back for the first time in almost 10years. I am almost in disbelief have much my life has changed in the last 6 months.”

This is another episode of our Laser Coaching Show, where I’ll be coaching a 6 figure business owner. I’ve been coaching 6- and 7- figure business owners for over 10 years (with over 5,000 hours of 1-on-1 coaching!).

Today, I’ll be peeling back the curtains and showing you what I tell clients and so that you can use the same strategies and tactics in your business.


Caleb Irmler is the owner and founder of, a pest control company that offers an eco-friendly and organic pest prevention for homes and businesses.

Four years ago, Caleb decided to be a millionaire and asked himself on how to make that happen. And the answer was that he could no longer work for anyone but himself. He need to own his company.

In this episode, Caleb talks about things he needs to accomplish in his personal and business life.

Here are the things he wanted to get out from this session:

  • How to have a work-life balance while scaling his business.
  • How to establish an AMAZING A-Player Team and hire only the best.
  • How to effectively market his business through networking.


  • Business scaling
  • Business systems and processes
  • Current team and hiring process

His Goals this Year:

  • Move from manager/tech to owner
  • Scaling to $40,000 per month
  • Work-Life balance (Have more time for family)

Prep work for this session: [Here’s what I had him do before our session]

  • Time tracking audit
  • Send me the MAP of his goals for this year and what she wants his business to look like in 5 years.
  • Send me the outline MAP of his marketing and sales process
  • List his team members and rate them base on how good they are in their position
  • Read Talk Trigger book

Takeaways and Homework for the Next 3 Months:

  • Setup escalation plane (operator or manager will be responsible)
  • Setup business pipeline
  • Market testing for long term contracts


  • Hire 3 people (2 licensed tech and 1 salesperson)
  • Go to 2 networking events (Block out lunchtime for 10 people)
  • Ask new hires for referrals
  • Create company values

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