How Big Is Your Business Problem?


Many people say that want more money but how many people are willing to accept all of the problems that come with it?

We ?want all of the benefits, the money, or the freedom and we don’t want all the hard work?or the problems.

Are you willing to accept that if you become a millionaire you will have a millionaire’s sized business problem too?

Do you think the business owners making more money than you have bigger problems than you do? Are you willing to take on their problems?

Problems like:

  • Taxes
  • Employee Issues
  • Debt
  • Having a bad month, or year
  • Laying people off
  • The weight of wrong decisions
  • Letting people down on a massive scale
  • Bigger fears
  • Insurance
  • Bigger projects
  • Bigger failures
  • Not controlling every part of the puzzle
  • A board of directors
  • Protecting Your Company and Legal issues
  • People wanting to sue you
  • Working more hours

Woo, that sounds fun, doesn’t it? Not all of these will happen of course but some of them will. One of the reasons why people shy away from bigger and better things is because of the unspoken problems that come with them.

We hold ourselves back in decision making and taking bold actions because of these problems.

What if you could just accept them all at once? What if you never had to hold yourself back because of the fear of problems?

Let’s start 2011 off right. It’s not necessarily about excitement or motivation. It’s about moving forward knowing there will be problems ahead.

Just say, “In 2011 I will play it bigger, and accept all of the sucky problems that will come with it!”?

There. Now you can move ahead. Being scared of all of the problems and fear of potential problems can be moved off your plate. You’ll deal with them later.

Now go out and do what you know what know you need to do to kick ass in 2011.

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16 responses

  • Those are scary issues, but I’d love to have to deal with them in the millionaire’s sized business! Of course, if you build your business the right away a lot can be avoided…but no one has a crystal ball.

    Anyhoo, bring on the problems (and the growth)!

  • My philosophy is if you like what you are doing as a career, you can deal with those other things. If you do not like your career, the rest does not matter.

  • I think the further you go in your career, and the bigger a business gets, the less you ‘care’ about the small issues, but rather delegate them to people who should. With the right people under you, you can focus on success.

    • That’s a great point! It is as if we get used to the small stuff. It becomes not so much of a problem, which makes it easier to delegate too! Thanks for the comment.

  • I want to add that for start-up entrepreneurs you basically need to work 24/7. There are no breaks, no weekends and no vacations. Going to business is a mental challenge. My hubby owns his real estate/asset management business. He always tells me anybody can do the actual work, but not everybody can deal with the mental drainage. Sometimes we need to ignore that little voice in our heads. I believe there is a solution for every problem.

    Problem solving skill is crucial in business. It’s important to undersatnd that there is a learning curve, the more you practise at dealing with problems the better you are at solving them. If there is a will there is a way. Thank you for the post.

    • Yes! Problem solving is crucial. Business is pretty much just a lot of problems that you solve! Even without the long hours it can be draining mentally.
      Yet we persevere. We must be gluttons for punishment! Or we just to decide to make our own way even when the costs are high.

  • Jaime,

    I was introduced to your blog via ProBlogger. I like your take on becoming a millionaire.

    I also really like the point you’re making on this post: more money being perceived unnecessarily as more problems. It is unfortunate that so many people hold themselves back from greatness because they fear the outcome of their own success. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never done this.

    I wonder if you would agree that it would make more sense to refocus the conscious thoughts surrounding the supposed negatives of being a millionaire. Instead of calling them problems, maybe we should see them simply as ripple effects *caused* by our success. Problems are things that have the ability to stand in our way, deterring us from our goals. If we create the ripples through our own action, that means we create the effects, putting us in front of the so-called problems. If we’re in front of them, they aren’t really able to slow us down or deter us.

    Either way, a motivating post. Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff.

    • Thanks Michael. It’s funny, I was just thinking about it and I actually think that the size of problems might be relative and not absolute.
      But either way I think it’s good to know there might be negatives and accept them instead of disillusioning ourselves and thinking that everything will be so much better when we are.

      Though as most people that know me, I’m one of the most positive people there are. I personally don’t see bigger problems as a negative.They are just something that comes along with the territory! Especially since business owners are in the problem solving business. It’s what they do! 🙂

  • Being the CFO of an engineering company — in my other life — I can attest to the fact that most of the “millionaire’s sized problems” can come whether your making a lot of money or not. Since you’re dealing with the downside, you might as well get the upside, too. 🙂

    • Gosh, if you could edit that first “your” to “you’re” it would keep my dear departed mother from rolling over in her grave! Augh!

      • I completely admit I am not the best with grammar! Which is why I have an editor read each post. Do you mean the “Your” in the title? I though you’re was only for the contraction of “you are”.

        • NO Jaime! I meant the “your” in my first comment that should have been “you’re”!!! (My first comment is still modded.) I’m correcting MY grammar, not yours! Sorry to make it sound like that! :-0

          • Haha! Ah thanks for letting me know about the moderated comment too, since I thought I had approved them all. 🙂
            My grammar does need help though too! (so let me know if you notice any mistakes!)

  • I’m with you completely on this one. This is the difference between people who engage, and those who can’t lift off (knowing the discomfort). I used to think that success in anything was either inherent.. or people got lucky.

    Then I found out that it really has to do with how much discomfort you can stand.. consistently! Great post. Just found your blog.

  • Its only today 24.01.2011 (let me just write down the year!) that i landed here via networkedblogs. I am glad and excited as some the stories which i have read sound quite similar to mine. i am daring the devil to start off a business offering training for corporates and business men and women in the intercultural area. i have been wondering just how best can i reach my clients, and i must admit before i landed here, my ambitions were small. i now know that the sky is the limit, and guess what i want to aim at that.
    Nonetheless being new not only on this site, but also a green in blogging i need good tips as how to maximum, learn in a short time and start seeing the Euros (I’m in Germany) roll.
    Anyone out there how can help a “senior” member, i would really appreciate it.
    i have done my website where i want to start getting people to network. i’m excited to have achieved this from scratch, but the world out there does not seem to take notice of what i’m offering. therefore it must mean that I’m doing something wrong. what do you think guys. feedback will be highly appreciate.

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