Business Lessons From The Octagon With Bruce Buffer

Octagon announcer for the UFC. Semi-pro Poker player, film buff, surfer, lover of class & passion – Bruce Buffer

The Big Rule of Business that Bruce lives by since he was 19 years old. What he learned from his father (a Marine Corps drill instructor) about voice projection, how to keep your voice strong and clear at all times, and why the best thing you can do for your business right now is to stay healthy. The surprising discovery of a celebrity brother he never knew he had and the backstory of the legendary “Let’s get ready to rumble!” phrase. How Bruce can train any salesmen to literally “pee more money”.

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2 responses

  • Love the energy and passion of this guy – “you never know who you are till you get punched in the face” is such a true statement across all domains.
    Struggle and confrontation have really defined who I am and it’s in these moments of heat and conflict that I find myself really questioning who I am.
    Great interview and some really powerful stuff here!

  • Great episode, I like the simple techniques to keep our voice ready. I have done speaking and training and I can lose my voice. I can totally see Bruce in a boiler room type situation, really intense guy.



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