Building a great brand through automation, email, and marketing with Los Silva

Founder of SVG Media – Los Silva

Los Silva is the founder of SVG Media. Los is a self-made million-dollar entrepreneur, speaker of success, and one of the top Biz Dev & Marketing Automation Trainers in the world. His passion is the fuel that creates success. Represented by the joint force of traditional entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leading technology and strategies, his approach integrates the vast perspectives of stakeholders from across all facets of multiple industries that include digital strategy, training & development, new media, business innovation, big data & science, and engineering.

As the largest influencer & athlete marketing agency in the entire U.S., SVG Media teaches the science and strategy behind advanced marketing techniques, scaling online revenue streams, build full-service & functioning multimedia platforms and establish professional branding strategies that differentiate the “successors” from the “failures.”

“Listen to yourself and don’t listen to other people. And just focus on your goals and do not have analysis by paralysis. And do not have paralysis by comparison. Don’t compare yourself, just do your thing. Focus on you, be the best person that you can be. And know that this is a long, lonely road. But you picked it. And I can promise you if you’re consistent with it, it’ll be the best thing that you’ve ever done. It just might not be as fast as you wanted it to be.” – Los Silva

Episode Highlights:

  • Why it’s important to be up to date with automation, email, and marketing
  • How to start building up a great brand
  • How long it takes to get revenue from a social channel (e.g. Youtube, Instagram, etc.)
  • How to build up your Instagram audience with a personal DM
  • Tips and tactics on finding your audience in your social media channels
  • Tips in copywriting for social media posts
  • Learn how to start a conversation using direct messaging (DM)
  • When to use automation in your DMs
  • Tips in pre-qualifying your prospects
  • Learn how to earn your audience trust through your message
  • Learn how Los manages to continue growing his company while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic


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