Brad Deal: From $100 to Multi-Millions – How Sticks and Stones started

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Owner and CEO of Sticks and Stones – Brad Deal

Brad has an awesome story of opportunity.

Brad’s preschool daughter came up with a cool game, to find letters in nature and architecture. Who knew Oprah would be buying the photos one day? Check out the amazing story of Sticks and Stones and how a small family business in IL got Oprah to buy one of their products as a wedding present for Tom Cruise.

Learn the pivotal moments of creating the company, like when to stop working out of his home, and how they landed a lot of major press (like the Rachel Ray show).

Unfortunately the video had an issue so we are left with only audio for this interview! But you would totally see Brad in a t-shirt and backwards hat.

I’ll have him on again so we can see him next time.


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