• The Yakezie Alexa Challenge

    I just joined the Yakezie Alexa Challenge! It’s a challenge for personal finance bloggers to get their ranking in Alexa to be under 200,000. I love a challenge so I was very excited.

  • What is Your Perfect Day?

    You know exactly what you don’t want for your perfect day. But do you know exactly what you do want? There are so many choices it can be hard to decide.

  • The Carnival of Personal Finance

    I?e been included in the most recent Carnival of Personal Finance, the Blogthority Relaunch Edition. There are some great submissions this week so take a look!

  • Why YOU Need To Be a Millionaire

    If you think that you will be ok financially without having at least a million dollars, you may be wrong. Why? Because in 1950 a million dollars was a huge amount of money.

  • What Time and Memory have to do with Personal Finance

    The Passage of Time When I first started my debt free journey, I remember saying to myself, Time is going to pass no matter what I do.? That was a profound statement to me.

  • Who Else Wants to be Debt Free?

    Imagine that you are swimming in debt, want to start a family and be a stay at home mom but realize there is no way possible that you could quit a job you hate…

  • Millionaire Series Part 1 – The Goal is Set – Now What?

    This is the second article in the Millionaire Series Part 1. You can find the Secret to Goal Setting here. Now What? Once you have figured out where you are now, where your destination is…

  • Millionaire Series Part 1 – The Secret to Goal Setting

    Why do you need a goal? You need a goal for three reasons. So you know where you are currently, where you are going, and when you have arrived. It?s just like taking a trip.

  • Discover More About Me

    I love to learn more about the bloggers behind all of my favorite blogs.

  • My 5 Steps To Become a Millionaire Series

    My ways to become a millionaire are very unlike conventional wisdom.