• Are you doing an After Action Review? You should!

    Are you doing an after-action review, or do you even know what that is? Well, back when I was an engineer, we called them ‘post-mortems’, but I way prefer ‘after-action reviews’. What it is is you go through whatever you’ve tested before, whether it be a launch when you’re doing budgets, whatever the thing is… View Article

  • Lead generation and nurturing with Click Funnels guy, Josh Pather

    Episode highlights: How Josh started and sold his first company, Photo Booth Dallas, How Josh implements Click Funnels in his businesses, How to follow up and nurture leads, How to grow the sales side of a business (Hiring and training salespeople), How to change your business approach (Especially during the COVID 19 pandemic), The process of finding and hiring team members in a commission-only approach, Apps and software to use in your business, How to get started with SEO in your business website…

  • Quick Tip – Easy Referral

    I love leveling up referrals. And I wanted to give you a quick tip example of something that happened to me just a few weeks ago. One of my friends reached out to me and asked me if I know a good coach for something that she was going through, and really wanted to change…. View Article

  • The definition of success with Carissa Reiniger

    Episode Highlights: Advice to business owners that are struggling during this pandemic, Why mindset is a decision, Three things to do to give yourself permission to pause, Techniques to get more aligned and get back on track quicker, Tips to get more rest in the chaotic world of business, How to figure out your definition of success, What is the role of business injustice, Why SLAP is “Pay what you can”…

  • Homeschooling? Gamified Apps to Use!

    Gamified Apps I know I’m a business coach but today we’re going to talk about kids schooling. Yeah! Because I’m chatting with so many of my clients about what the heck they do with their kiddos. My kids are actually going back to school in-person as normal. They go to an entrepreneur kids school which… View Article

  • Dr. John Demartini – Determining your values to achieve your maximum potential

    Episode Highlights: Why incongruence with your boundaries and values hinders you from hitting your goals, 6 things that are common in billionaires, 10 questions that will determine whether you have an intention to be financially independent, How to stabilize your business growth (Especially during this pandemic), How to use your label (ADHD or dyslexia) as an asset, How to teach your children accountability, Exercise: How to do what you love on a daily basis and delegate the rest away, How to deal with death (Especially when it is someone you love)…

  • Why Only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential

    I know you’ve heard of IQ and you’ve probably heard of EQ. but have you ever heard of PQ, the “Positivity Quotient.” There’s a great book I highly recommend called Positive Intelligence. And the tagline for the book I think is very important. “Why only 20% of teams and individuals achieve their true potential and… View Article

  • Selects Edition: Growing Your New Business to a Million with Stacia Pierce

    Episode highlights: Learn how Stacia helps women move forward a lot faster, Tips and advice about clarity (Finding your amazing purpose in life), How validate your market (Digging deeper into the process), Tips to people who are starting but doesn’t have a coach to help them, Why does women get stuck (And how to help them overcome it), Resources to help you get your “AHA” moment, Why do words you tell yourself matters, How to deal with clients with unrealistic goals, Common mistakes when transitioning from your job to your business, Tips in branding (Figuring out your branding)…

  • What is Your Default Task

    What’s your default task? I was chatting with a client earlier this week and we were going over the recalibration for the next 3 to 6 months, and one of the things I started asking him was how he was spending his time. Especially with COVID, everything has been a little bit interesting. All the… View Article

  • Selects Edition: The Abundance Mentality With Daniel Ally

    Episode Highlights: What Steve Jobs and the Bible taught Daniel about sales, How to truly connect with what people REALLY need and are willing to pay for, The biggest mistake most people make when trying to sell their products, How to fix your sales process so it doesn’t feel pushy or salesy, The three basic desires that drive people to buy. (And the best ways to leverage them.), Why investing in yourself is good business and the actual amount you should invest yearly…