• How to Avoid Getting Emotionally Attached to your Money

    How to avoid getting emotionally attached to your money. Well, I just got off the phone with my very good friend Matthew Pollard. You can check him out at MatthewPollard.com, and he was talking about how he is going into Facebook strategy and trying to figure out how to do it in a way that… View Article

  • Expanding your capacity and setting up boundaries with Lisa Fabrega

    Episode Highlights: How to expand your capacity to handle more growth, wealth and success, What are internal and external boundaries (And how to set them), 6 essential boundaries that every entrepreneur needs to create in their business, How to enjoy your whole life, and not hate your work, How unnecessary emotional labor is derailing your success…

  • The Power of Deep Work

    Today, I just want to highlight the power of deep work. Now, we just had our implementation retreat here in Austin, Texas. It was amazing and the goal with the retreat is to take two and a half weeks or two and a half months worth of work on something and squish it into two… View Article

  • The Best Assessment for Hiring

    Today’s quick tip is actually a recommendation from my good friend Keith Krance from Dominate Web Media. Now hiring is so tough, at least that’s what we hear all the time. So I love using assessments to be able to help understand if a candidate is actually telling the truth or if they’re a good… View Article

  • Finding and managing high-quality virtual assistants with Barbara Turley

    Episode Highlights: How crazy do the systems have to be when you start to hire a VA, Sample tools to use in implementing your systems and processes, How to have efficient and effective communication with your VAs, Recruitment tips in hiring the right VA, When should you fire your VA, How often to do the “How it’s going?” call with your VAs, Learn how Barbara built a business and had a baby at the same time with high-quality VAs, Reasons you fail with a VA (And how to fix it)…


    The other night, I was invited to a very high-level entrepreneur dinner. It was amazing. People that had sold their companies to Goldman Sachs, NASA, people that worked with Tiger Woods, an amazing group of people. And what was so wonderful was the conversation. And it wasn’t the conversation just about, “Oh, I did this… View Article

  • A Call to Arms – Your Challenge

    What if you went all-in in the next six months in your business? All in, what would that look like? Well, yesterday, I got a text from a former client, and I just want to read it really quick. I’ll pop it up on the screen here, too. He said, “Going through your course and… View Article

  • Building a 7-figure business from nothing with Jessica Zimmerman

    Episode Highlights: Jessica journey in her life and business, How to know when you are stress (And how to alleviate it), Learn how Jessica shifted everything through meditation, Tips in preparing for your next business opportunity…

  • The Secret to Goal Achievement

    The other night I was lucky enough to get an exclusive invite for dinner with an amazing man. His name is Dr. Jeff Spencer. You can check him out at DrJeffSpencer.com. He’s trained people in high performance because he’s been an Olympian and been doing this for 50 years. He trained people like Lance Armstrong… View Article

  • Ever Get Stuck Naming Something

    Have you ever gotten stuck trying to name something, a product, a brand, a business? Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt. A lot of times you’ll end up hiring somebody to try and help that’s more creative, but then you only have one person. One of my clients used an amazing site called squadhelp.com…. View Article