• Your perfect passive income stream with Rachel Richards

    Episode Highlights: Learn how Rachel retired at the age of 27, Rachel’s real estate journey, Learn how Rachel wrote her books and marketed them, Tips for writing and launching your book with little stress, The common problems that millennials have with money, Learn how to block your time and prioritize, Learn how to find your perfect passive income stream…

  • Let Me Admit Something

    In today’s video, I wanted to be a little vulnerable and admit something. Well, I’ll show you. I kill every plant known to man. I definitely, definitely do not have a green thumb. I probably have no thumb because it’s dead. But what it made me think of is, what I try to do on… View Article

  • Laser Coaching Client Results

    I just wanted to share an update. I love getting client updates, and this is one that you might have already heard about. So Caleb, who was on the Laser Coaching Show last year, we did one session, a Laser Coaching session. He owns Crazy Ant Pest Control. He just sent me a message on… View Article

  • Creating greatness in your business and family with Evan Money

    Episode Highlights: Learn why Evan and his wife, Susan, remarry each other in a different state or country every year, Learn Evan’s journey through dysfunction growing up, Tips on doing a daily commitment for growth, Tips and advice for people who are experiencing the effects of COVID-19 in their business and family, Understanding what real wealth is, How to recalibrate your mind to be happy with where you are now…

  • What is Your Comfort Cadence

    My question to you today is what is your comfort cadence? Now, I just made that up, but one of the things I was thinking about going and reflecting back on 2019 was how often I got uncomfortable. And it wasn’t as much as I would like to admit here right now because I think… View Article

  • A Cool Useful Gadget

    Whenever I get mail from the PO Box I say it’s like Christmas. Usually, I get books, lots and lots and lots of books of people wanting me to promise their books. But this time, we got something a little different and I didn’t even know these existed. So it’s a cool little gadget and… View Article

  • Black Lives Matter and Guest Requests

    I’m pushing pause on the podcast this week. So you have more time and space to be able to listen to other voices, with a few recommendations below. We need change. We need to put in the work and effort it takes to change. I’ve been reading and listening and trying to understand what I don’t understand completely yet. Being horrified or upset is not enough and being afraid to have really hard conversations and staying silent (which I’ve done before) – is part of the problem.

  • What Are Your Excuses

    What are your excuses? Everyone I know, and I’m assuming every other human on this planet, has excuses, things we say that stop us from doing things. In fact, I just got interviewed by Ali Brown’s Glambition Radio, and good thing it was audio-only because I am bright red. Whenever I get nervous or excited… View Article

  • Is Your Business An Open Book

    Is your business an open book? And what I mean by that, are the decisions that you’re making, ones that you would share with absolutely everyone? One thing that I find when I get into a new business that I’m working with, especially when we start uncovering everything that’s going on, a lot of the… View Article

  • Outsource School with Nathan Hirsch

    Episode Highlights: Why and how Nathan sold FreeeUp.com, How to build a sellable business, Tips for a smooth business transition, What is Outsource School (And what does it offer), How much due diligence should you spend on your business, Learn how Nathan and his partner, Connor, started Outsource School during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tips and hacks in creating courses and a membership site, Nathan’s marketing plan for Outsource School, Tips in establishing a partnership (And how to cultivate it), Tasks business owners can outsource to a VA…