• Building a high-performing sales team with Mary Grothe

    Episode highlights: What is BQ (And what are its levels), Tips in hiring your first salesperson, Tips in training your salesperson, What makes up the DNA of a salesperson, The 3-step proven sales methodology…

  • Calibrating your company culture with James Nowlin

    Episode highlights: The importance of company culture in a organization, Steps in calibrating your company culture, The tell-tale signs of a potential havoc that will come to a company or organization, How to have an attitude of abundance consciousness, How to empower your team or employee to have an attitude of abundance consciousness, What are the boundaries in the workplace (Especially between business owners and their employees), How to train your managers to be lieutenants with respect, How to find your strengths and weaknesses (When it’s constantly evolving)…

  • The benefits of meditation with Ariel Garten

    Episode highlights: Learn how Ariel built an $18 million funding before she had a formal business experience (Ariel’s start-up story), How to pay attention and navigate your accurate thoughts and intiutions (Overcoming what your brain tells you), How to ignore naysayers in pursuit of your dreams (Mindset of Success), What is meditation, why does it work, and what happens in the brain when we meditate, Practical tips on meditation (How to practice it in your daily life), How meditation helps people with ADD or ADHD, Meditation as a tool to get you into flow (Being more creative and highly productive), Is brain dumping helpful (Psychological perspective of brain dump), Tips in getting rid of traumas in the past, The difference of conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts, Tips on how to calm yourself down when you’re triggered, What is Muse (And how it works)…

  • How to implement brutal honesty in your business and your life with Peter Kozodoy

    Episode Highlights: Three levels of honesty, What is brutal honesty and how do you know if you’re just being a jerk, The framework of brutal honesty (The two questions that will change your life and business), How to practice honesty and make it a habit, How to create an unbeatable culture of innovation that dominates your competitors, How to have an open honesty policy (Earning your team’s respect and loyalty by using a simple but brutally honest technique), Understanding your individual and company core values (Having a honest core values hierarchy), Learn how honesty can get you to be open, vulnerable, and curious, Take Peter’s honesty quiz – to see where you rate!

  • How gen z will change the world with Jason Dorsey

    Episode highlights: The background of the book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business, The difference between Gen Z and millennials, What motivates Gen Z to want to take a job, Gen Z’s impact on social media as influencers, Transforming social media into a community, Distinguishing activity from progress (A small business owner’s point of view), Learn how to advertise with current trends, How Youtube fits with current trends, How Gen Z will present themselves professionally, The impact of COVID 19 to Gen Z (employment, education, etc.), College: Is it for everybody…

  • Grab My Sales Script

    Sales Script A few weeks back we were finishing a round of masterminds. And what I do at the very end is ask: What was your big takeaway? What was the biggest thing that you got the most out of? And one person said this. They said, and they’re very, very successful, that the sales… View Article

  • Turning Adversity into Opportunity with Ben Woodward

    Episode highlights: Navigating adversities in life (Staying clear and level-headed), The duality of joy and suffering in life and business, How to build your vision (Differentiating wishful thinking and deep, meaningful aspiration), Learning patience in the process to success, Tips in asking for help (One of the challenges of an entrepreneur), The difference between distress and eustress, The stigma of mental health issue in entrepreneurship…

  • Are you doing an After Action Review? You should!

    Are you doing an after-action review, or do you even know what that is? Well, back when I was an engineer, we called them ‘post-mortems’, but I way prefer ‘after-action reviews’. What it is is you go through whatever you’ve tested before, whether it be a launch when you’re doing budgets, whatever the thing is… View Article

  • Lead generation and nurturing with Click Funnels guy, Josh Pather

    Episode highlights: How Josh started and sold his first company, Photo Booth Dallas, How Josh implements Click Funnels in his businesses, How to follow up and nurture leads, How to grow the sales side of a business (Hiring and training salespeople), How to change your business approach (Especially during the COVID 19 pandemic), The process of finding and hiring team members in a commission-only approach, Apps and software to use in your business, How to get started with SEO in your business website…

  • Quick Tip – Easy Referral

    I love leveling up referrals. And I wanted to give you a quick tip example of something that happened to me just a few weeks ago. One of my friends reached out to me and asked me if I know a good coach for something that she was going through, and really wanted to change…. View Article