• Onboarding In A Box

    Onboarding in a box. I just wanted to share a really cool resource that I found, that LinkedIn actually provided. And it’s onboarding new employees, in a PDF, in a box, not in a box. But one of the reasons why I wanted to show it to you is because it has value packed information… View Article

  • Selects Edition: How To Buy Businesses With Nunzio Presta

    Episode highlights: Starting a business from scratch is cheaper, right? Wrong!, Discover the hidden costs of startups and why buying an existing business can be a better bargain, Three pillars of buying businesses that make you money, How to buy businesses when you DON’T have experience, “Secret” traits of a startup entrepreneur and an acquisition entrepreneur. Which one are you?…

  • Speed of Implementation Challenge!

    I found that the speed of implementation is the biggest critical factor of knowing if you’re going to be successful or not. There’s actually a quote from Lee Iacocca, “The speed of the boss is the speed of the team”. So, I want to challenge you today and look back at the last three, four… View Article

  • How To Make Anyone Believe You!

    How to make anyone believe you like that. Well, I was at an improv class this past weekend, and one of the big, key tips that they said was make sure you are confident when you speak, even if you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. We actually were able to make up… View Article

  • The Replaceable Founder with Ari Meisel

    Episode Highlights: Learn the 6 levels of delegation, How to effectively communicate with your team, How to create a feedback loop, How to determine which hats are replaceable in your business, Learn Ari’s three-circle exercise, Tips and tricks in hiring the best employee for your team, How to fast track your newly hired employee, How to deal with business partnership (especially when it’s not going well)…

  • No Screen Sunday Challenge!

    Addicted to technology. Now, I know I did a video not that long ago about Facebook and deleting it off your phone. And a lot of you already had it deleted off your phone or did it that day and I’m so proud. Like a proud mom, right, because it is a huge turning point…. View Article

  • How To Train Your Team Without You!

    One quick tip on training your team without you, right? One of the things that we don’t do well enough as owners is to train our team. We’re like, ah, figure it out yourself. Well, one resource that I want to give you that can actually do an advanced sort of level, in a previous… View Article

  • Growing the Minimalist Movement with Allie Casazza

    Episode highlights: What made Allie to start the minimalism movement in her business, How to get started with minimalism (and not get overwhelmed), Learn how Allie changed her mindset (valuing life over money and self), Learn how to create great habits in your personal and professional life, How to get your kids to adopt a minimalist lifestyle…

  • Why You Should Run A Beta Test First!

    What is the right way to launch anything? Well, there’s no right or wrong way, right? But, I highly recommend doing what I call a beta. Now, Jeff Walker calls it a seed launch, whatever you want to say, it’s a test. It’s taking whatever this idea is and testing it to a real audience… View Article

  • Give Yourself A Freaking Break!

    Today, give yourself a freakin’ break. I’ve interviewed almost 500 millionaires that made their money in business and it is hard.I’ve also been inside hundreds and hundreds of six and seven-figure businesses and it is never easy. Simple maybe, and you and the work that you’re putting in with personal development and getting better and… View Article