• What’s That One Thing That Will Affect Everything Else in Your Business

    One domino. Now if you have never read the book “The One Thing,” they talk about one domino. What’s the one domino that when you hit it, makes all the difference? What’s that one thing that if you get that done, it will affect everything else in your business? If you haven’t read “The One… View Article

  • Create a System to Make Something a Habit

    Okay, this is probably something you already know but you aren’t doing it. One of the things that I find really interesting when I work with clients, is the things that work and have worked in the past are awesome, and then for some reason, we don’t do them consistently. So, today is your reminder…. View Article

  • How to do business during the coronavirus pandemic with Suzanne Evans

    Episode Highlights: Learn how Suzanne has the energy to work amid the Coronavirus pandemic, How to deal with exhaustion and frustration with our current situation, Learn how to pivot and be innovative in your business (Be on the right track with all the craziness), Learn how to stand out in the crowd, Tips and tactics on content generation (The best ways to generate content), What is the right thing to do when your head is all over the place, How to be invited on other people’s shows, Tips and tactics in getting sponsorship for your show, How much should you spend on your marketing…

  • Is Your Vision Misaligned

    Is your vision misaligned and how do you know? Well, just the other day, I was facilitating a mastermind retreat. So a group of my previous mastermind members that were a part of my group, they get to keep their group forever. Been going on for almost three years, they meet online weekly and in-person… View Article

  • You sure You’ve got Your Big Boy Pants On

    It’s time to put on your big boy pants or big girl pants. One thing that I’ve been seeing more and more lately, actually, is this sort of way to be half in and half out. “We just have contractors. We don’t have W2 employees.” This commitment phobia that I’m seeing with entrepreneurs or business… View Article

  • Building and Growing your Business in these circumstances with Gino Wickman

    Episode Highlights: Why Gino wrote Entrepreneurial Leap, What is passion (And how to keep your passion burning when you’re faced with a dire circumstance),Exercises that will help you discover your passion, Advice to business owners who are struggling with our current situation (COVID-19 Pandemic), How to figure out your strengths when you are starting again, Learn how Gino created and tested the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), 6 essential traits of a true entrepreneur, Gino’s thoughts about going to college and getting a degree, Why do you need an integrator (Are they essential to your business)…

  • Test This Powerful Quick Tip

    Today’s quick tip, I want to challenge you to go above and beyond for one client today. We just had a retreat here in Austin. It was fantastic to be able to get so many amazing business owners in one house. I love the synergy that can happen there and some of the fun things,… View Article

  • Tweaking Your Pricing Strategy

    Let’s talk about pricing. Now, I know everybody talks about the three-tiered pricing and different pricing strategies and when you usually put it put there, it’s like oh, and then we’re done. But what I really want to highlight and we just had a retreat and one of the members of the mastermind for the… View Article

  • The 4 stages of an entrepreneur with Ray Zinn

    Episode Highlights: How to start building a team (And who to hire first), Tips in creating the best company culture for your business (4 important company cultures), How to get to the elder statesman stage as an entrepreneur, How to remove the perfectionist mindset as an entrepreneur, Tips in making the right decision (Ray’s decision making process), How to empower your employees to be in the elder statesman stage, Learn the importance of self-care (And how to implement it)…

  • Are you Treating Your Business like an Offline Business

    Are you treating your business your online business like an offline business? I was chatting with a client the other day and we were making the distinction of yes, she has an online business that she can actually work with anyone all around the world, and yet she’s treating her business like an offline business…. View Article