• Principles and Values

    I think a big part of our life is trying to figure out what we actually value. What actually has meaning to us because when we are put on this planet, you have no idea what’s good and what’s not good and how you feel really makes all the difference. Perspective is everything. So, what… View Article

  • The best way to exit a business with Mark Mills

    Episode highlights: Things that will come up when you exit from your business, What is the standard due diligence list you need, What the three elements in presenting your business, Who you should approach specific buyers, How to test a good advisor for your business, How to approach your closed-knit team when you’re selling your business, How to set up a timeframe in selling your business, Tips in delegation when exiting a business…

  • Diagnosing Your Business Problems

    Diagnosing your business problems. Whenever I get a new client, I really want to assess what the problems are. I try and be like a doctor. I try and diagnose what the primary issues are because they might have a bunch of different issues but we can’t actually work on all of them all at… View Article

  • Are You The Best Student?

    Are you the best student? Most of the millionaires I interviewed weren’t great students to tell you the truth. There is a story after story after story about getting Cs and Ds because they couldn’t pay attention but that’s not what I’m talking about right now. What I’m talking about is, are you the best… View Article

  • How to survive business puberty with Eric Gilbert-Williams

    Episode Highlights: What is business puberty (and how to survive it), Why each business growth spurt requires different mindset and skills, How to make people in your team accountable (and how to call them for their mistakes), How to get unstuck (especially as the business owner), Learn how manage risk and failure in business, The difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner, Hiring process tips to hire the right type of people for you…

  • A Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur

    Have you ever seen that meme, a day in the life of an entrepreneur? And it’s like, oh, I’m excited. Oh, wait, no, I was wrong. I suck. O wait, no, things are working. I think it’s going well. Oh, wait, no, I was wrong again. Oh my gosh, I’m going to go bankrupt. Right…. View Article

  • Do You Have A Problem Letting Go

    One thing entrepreneurs are not very good at: surrendering. There’s a great book I highly recommend. It’s by Michael Singer. It’s called The Surrender Experiment. And what’s so interesting in my many, many years of one-on-one client work is that entrepreneurs kind of have an issue with control. We want to be able to manage… View Article

  • The brilliant work-life balance with Cherylanne Skolnicki

    Episode Highlights: How to identify your roles to have a balance in life(especially for working moms), How to withstand judgement(good mom vs good business owner), What is a decision sprint exercise(and how to do it), Tips in making decisions faster, How to take the time to step back and create the decision framework, How to create a year plan that will hit all your high points, How to break the changes you want into projects and practices(project vs practice), Tips to ease the transition from work to home life…

  • Design Dates

    In business, you probably have Q1, Q2, Q3, your goals are probably pretty gosh darn solid. At least most of us are, because we are really paying attention to that. The thing that I found that’s very interesting though, is the personal side. Even though we’re overachievers in business, the personal side can sort of… View Article

  • Brain Dump

    Our brains are very funny things, especially as a business owner. You’re trying to see all of the things in this amount of time as much as humanly possible, and I highly recommend if you are feeling overwhelmed or you have way too much on your plate to do a brain dump. Take everything that… View Article