Beyond the E-Myth With Michael Gerber

Author and founder of Michael E. Gerber Companies – Michael Gerber

Why there’s no such thing as “solo-preneur” and calling yourself one is actually a very stupid thing to do. Are you constantly thinking about how to make more money? Learn what you SHOULD be thinking about instead. (And make more money as a side effect.) Discover what The Dream Room is and why it should be the foundation of any company that wants to grow. What most people who read E-Myth fail to understand is probably the single most important thing about the book! (Make sure you got it right.) These four essential entrepreneur personalities will help you discover your dream, your vision, your purpose, and you mission. Hear what needs to happen in your business so you can grow it, replicate it and scale it exponentially.

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15 responses

  • so what do I have to do with this 7 day to $1k I am ready prove it to me and I have no money to give

  • Great Stuff, Mr. Gerber is off the chain…

  • Can’t wait to listen to this one! Big fan of the E-Myth books. Thanks Jaime!

  • Hi Jaime,
    I just listened to this podcast and it is the first podcast on your station that I’ve heard. I did not like this very much.
    Mr. Gerber seemed to be more interested in pitching his new book and his $5K per person retreat than really offering add-value strategies. I know you’re a huge fan of him but his dismissive attitude towards the technological era we live in was a turn-off. And honestly, while McDonalds is, in his opinion, the most successful small business, they are also responsible for selling low quality food that causes disease to its consumers.

    I’m eager to hear more of your podcast but this guy completely rubbed me the wrong way…and I am entrepreur born in 1981. Find me in social media @extraordinarie1 if you’re curious to see what I’m about.

    Thanks for creating this show tho! Cheers, Jocelyn

  • This podcast was great! Loved every minute of it. Mr. Gerber energy was off the charts!

    Great guest choice and great interview Jaime!

  • Wow – I LOVED this!

    Felt like a continuous stream of being lovingly slapped in the face by your new adopted Grandpa.

    I am guilty of doing business purely online as a cop-out to the real world
    I am guilty of the “i’ll do this to make money now, so I can do what really matters later”
    I am guilty of focusing too often on how my biz can make MY life better instead of how it helps THEM.

    The Dreamer-Thinker-Storyteller-Leader thing was also powerful and encouraging.

    Those have always been my strengths, but I have obviously been learning from the wrong crowd (solopreneur-style stupidity, as Gerber points out) and gotten totally bogged down in being the Technician in things I am not even qualified or interested in being a technician in.

    This interview was a much-needed REDIRECT.

    Thank You Jamie and Thank You Gerber!

  • Fantastic interview! I read the E-Myth Revisited, but it didn’t sync in at the time. I just bought the kindle edition of Beyond the E-Myth and finished reading it this AM. Wow! I am starting to see the methodical process of it all. Thank you!

  • This ‘interview’ is the epitome of why they say never meet your heroes. You can see Jaime’s heart sink further after each of the many shameless plugs for his book and retreat.

    ‘Not me, not me, not me…’ How very ironic.

    The myth here is that he truly cares about small businesses and he is not only dreaming but deluded if he thinks his course is a value investment that will change the world.

    Gerber obviously has some basic business advice that is of use but is ignorant to the fact that businesses come in all shapes and sizes and that the world has changed a lot since 1977.

    I’m saddened that I wasted 45 minutes of my time watching this one.

    • I bought the book because of the interview. Can’t put it down. He says mid book that every time he writes/speaks, he has three types of people– 1. love him, 2. hate him, 3. don’t know what just happened. Brian, you are group 2, I guess. But, I am in in group 1! I say it was an Amazing interview with Jaime and it’s a mind-altering book thus far (1/2 way through).

      • I agree with you about Brian… I’ve been in business for over 37 years and I feel like I’m just awakening to the truth about entrepreneurship. I’m so happy about discovering Michael Gerber because – I’m in the process of licensing my Pop-Up Accessory company, it’s systems and processes that has made it worked for me for over 6 years. Now I’m ready to share the secret to my accessory business success with other women around the world! My mission is to Empower Women’s Entrepreneurship worldwide…

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